Today I’m sharing all about Haute Stock, where I get the stock photos from for blogging and sharing on social media.

Most of the photos I share that I take are taken on my phone. I’m not a great photographer. If I use an SLR it’s on auto mode. Unfortunately blogging and sharing on social media requires not just good photos, but great photos. I knew I needed help. There’s things I’m good at, but photography isn’t one of them.

A few years ago I heard about Haute Stock (affiliate link). I was super excited to find out about it. Haute Stock (affiliate link) offers stock photography in all kinds of categories – from fitness to lifestyle to work. Every week a new collection of images are released. Each collection includes 15 to 30 images, all of which are styled so that they’re cohesive and work well with each other. You can download individual images or entire collections at a time. It’s super easy to find exactly what you need – Haute Stock has an amazing search filter. You can filter collection by keyword, image size (hero, square, wide, tall, etc.), people/no people, tech/no tech, video/images, and by color.

I like to import the stock photos and videos to Canva to create everything from blog post graphics (like above) to Pinterest images, to social media posts. It’s super easy to create in Canva with Haute Stock. In addition to the stock photography, they also offer a bunch of additional resources such as social media prompts, holidays to celebrate (national puppy day, national ice cream sundae day, etc.), and even guides for how to prepare for big online shopping days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day.

Interested in a Haute Stock membership (affiliate link) of your own? Use code e5bcb239ce for 15% off your subscription.

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for supporting my blog – I appreciate it!

Haute Stock Premium Photography Review
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