In today’s post I’m sharing a Flodesk review and pricing.

What is Flodesk?

According to their website, Flodesk (affiliate link) is a digital marketing service provider. In other words, you can create and send marketing emails to your audience using it. I’ve used several others in the past including Mailchimp and Mailerlite, including both free and paid versions. While Flodesk is the most expensive, it’s also my favorite and easier to use!

Why I use Flodesk templates

I’m not a graphic designer by any means. One of my favorite things about Flodesk (affiliate link) is that it has a bunch of templates to choose from when creating emails. I can easily swap in images and colors that work for my brand in just minutes, instead of trying to create a cute design from scratch. I send out a couple emails each month to my subscribers (sign up if you’re interested!) and with other services it took me forever to get those emails written and scheduled. With Flodesk it’s quick and easy to get them ready to go and I can have a month’s worth of emails done in minutes instead of hours.

I spent so much time designing emails in Mailchimp. It was a giant time suck and it didn’t feel like the effort was worth it when I was sending them out to a smaller number of people several years ago. Now that I’ve customized a template, I just have to focus on writing the content of the email and it’s done in minutes.

Flodesk pricing

Many digital marketing service providers provide a free version that you can use until you reach a certain number of subscribers. Flodesk (affiliate link) doesn’t do that, though of the ones that I’ve paid for, I get the most from Flodesk.

Along with the easy to modify templates, I also get super easy to customize sign up forms, automated emails that are sent out when triggered, subscriber information including segments and last active, as well as analytics, which is really helpful when it comes to figuring out what’s working and what needs to be tweaked with the emails that I’m sending out.

I pay $38 USD for all of the above features, no matter how big my email list gets. That’s right, I can have just a couple hundred or thousands of subscribers, and that’s how much I’ll pay every month.

How I use Flodesk

Along with sending out emails to readers of my blog, I can also integrate Flodesk (affiliate link) with Instagram, and even my Shopify store. Connecting both to my Flodesk account was really easy. I’m not a techy person, but getting it set up was something that I could do pretty easily. I also have several sign up forms on my blog that were really intuitive to design and place. There was a minimal amount of coding knowledge needed and wasn’t intimidating at all.

Let me know if you have any Flodesk questions in the comments below. I’m happy to answer them if I can!

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Flodesk Review and Pricing
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