In today’s post I’m sharing my favorite perfumes.

I wasn’t really into perfume much until my mid twenties. I never wore it regularly before then. After graduating university I went on a trip to Europe. While in France I was able to stop at Fragonard’s factory, just east of Nice in the French Riviera. I got a tour and learned about how perfumes are made. It was such a cool experience because I didn’t realize how much went into making perfume.

Favorite perfumes graphic of 4 bottles of perfume: Belle de Nuit, Aqua Allegoria, Miss Dior, and Warm Vanilla Sugar from Bath and Body Works.

Needless to say, I bought a bottle of Belle de Nuit from Fragonard’s and brought it hope. I wore it a lot because I liked it so much. I got lots of compliments on it because it smelled so amazing. I was pretty sad when I put it on for the last time because my bottle was empty.

Available a bit more close to home, I’m also a big fan of both Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria (affiliate link) and Miss Dior (affiliate link). Both of these are available at Sephora. And really more of an honorable mention than an actual perfume is Bath and Body Works’ Warm Vanilla Sugar fragrance mist. It’s one of those scents that isn’t obvious and in your face, but smells so good when you notice it.

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What are some of your favorite perfumes? Tell me what it is in the comments below – I’d love to know what you’re wearing!

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Favorite Perfumes
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