In today’s post I’m sharing an all new workout playlist featuring songs from the 90’s.

I recently discovered that there’s a radio station here in Calgary that plays the 90’s and now. (97.7 if any local readers are interested.) I suppose I have to admit that I’m old now. The music I grew up listening to is now old enough that it has to be referred to the decade it was made. On the bright side I’m really enjoying it. I love hearing everything from Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys to Paula Abdul and Alanis Morrisette.

Inspired by this new radio station find, I thought I’d create a playlist this month that’s all about songs from the 90’s. I’ve included everything from Saturday Night by Whigfield to What is Love by Haddaway. I remember listening to the Much Music Dance Mix ’95 on replay in grade 7. I’m amazed I didn’t wear it out – that’s how much I listened to it. I’ve also added a few one hit wonders like Cotton Eye Joe by Rednex. I remember being so excited that Cotton Eye Joe was one of the songs that I was able to listen to on the plane when my family and I flew from Toronto to California to visit family. I’m pretty sure I was in grade 5 at the time.

You can check out the playlist on Spotify here. If you’re looking for more music, you can find all of the playlists I’ve shared on the blog here. Workouts are always more fun when I’m listening to good music.

What are you currently listening to at the gym? Share in the comments below.

Workout Playlist
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