Today I’m sharing some life updates.

Dealing with sickness

I feel like between Covid, the flu, and colds that are going around a lot of people have been sick lately. Just about everyone that I care about is feeling better now, so that’s a big relief. Having a loved one dealing with health situations is so stressful. That’s magnified right now with the state of hospitals right now in Canada. I’m so grateful for all the work front line workers are doing. They’ve been doing this for going on 3 years now and I can only imagine how much everything weighs on them.

I was sick the first half of November. Even though I’m feeling fine otherwise, I’m still dealing with a cough. It’s so annoying – once I start coughing it irritates my throat which makes me cough more. I know it’ll get better with time, but I’m just feeling impatient.


This time of year has been tricky the last few years. Having gone through a loss at the beginning of December 2018, that first Christmas after it happened was pretty miserable. Seeing everyone’s happy families making memories and having a good time together was really hard. Every Christmas since then has slowly been getting better, but I’m not sure if they’ll ever go back to how they were before. It’s not just the timing, but also knowing that a family isn’t here anymore to celebrate Christmas with. It’s just tough. If you’re going through a similar thing, know that I understand how it feels and I’m sending you some extra good vibes right now.

My knee

I was coming out of a pharmacy and I slipped on some ice in the parking lot and wiped out. It happened so quickly before I knew it I went from walking to laying on the ice. I’m grateful that I didn’t hit my head (when I was a kid I slipped on ice and knocked myself out), I did manage to tweak my left knee. It was pretty sore for about 10 days. I spent lots of time icing it and taking it easy. Sleeping was interesting those first few nights. It was a struggle to find a position that would allow me to sleep. While it’s feeling so much better now, it’s still not 100% better yet. I gets really stiff when I’ve been sitting for awhile and stand up. Going down and up stairs still causes a bit of pain.

I turned 40 a few days before I slipped on the ice. It was a big number and a bit intimidating. When I wiped out I felt every single day of how old I was. My boyfriend was teasing me that my warranty was only for 40 years, and from now on I’m susceptible to body aches and pains.

Now that you know what’s going on with me, leave a comment below with something that’s going on in your life.

Life Lately: December 2022
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