Today I’m sharing some of my favorite things from the past week.

Hello and welcome to the weekend! I’m so happy that this week is over and done with. It’s felt like it’s gone on forever. Unfortunately my week started off on the wrong foot. I woke up on Monday feeling less than 100% with a scratchy throat. It wasn’t necessarily sore, it just felt like I’d talked too much the day before. It turns out that I was getting sick. I’ve spent the last week curling up in bed reading and watching Prime and Netflix. My fingers are crossed that I’ll be feeling better soon. After more than two and a half years of not being sick, I had kind of forgotten how miserable it is.

No Offense

I started reading No Offense (affiliate link) earlier this week. I’ve just about finished it and it’s been such a fun book to read. It’s a typical Meg Cabot book, which means that it’s easy to read and hard to put down. It’s been so nice to have something fun to read that doesn’t require much thought to read. Looking for more book recommendations? Be sure to check out my book page. I haven’t updated it in a year or so, but there’s lots of great books that I’ve enjoyed over there.

Nuun friends and family discount

If you’ve been reading Get Fit Fiona for awhile, you’ll know that I’m a Nuun ambassador. I wanted to make sure that I shared a friends and family discount code with all of you. Head over to the Nuun site and use promo code FriendsOfTeamNuun2022 for 25% off until November 7th. Nuun is my go to way to get in electrolytes when I’m working out.

Law and Order

I’ve been watching old (mid 90’s) episodes of Law and Order on Prime. I forgot how much I liked that show. I haven’t had cable in a few years, but I definitely remember watching it when it was on TV back then. I’m not sure if I’ll ever forget the music for the intro – it’s so iconic. I think my favorite of the Law and Order’s is Special Victims Unit, but this one is pretty entertaining to watch too.

Friday Favorites: A Book + A Promo Code
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