Today I’m sharing an update on how my summer has been so far.

Has anyone else’s summer flown by too? It’s hard to believe that we’re only a few weeks away from September! I haven’t been very consistent about posting here on the blog (if you’re looking for daily content, be sure to check me out on Instagram), but I thought I’d share an update on how the summer has been.

I started volunteering with Girl Guides back in March. It’s been really fun – just as much fun as when I was a girl in Girl Guides. In addition to weekly unit meetings during the school year, I’ve also attended camp skills days, day camps, and week long camps.

This summer I volunteered with the oldest girls (12 to 17 years olds) at a week long camp back in July. While it was definitely a lot of work keeping the girls fed, entertained, and happy, it was also a ton of fun. Being able to cook outdoors is always fun (everything tastes better at camp). Seeing the girls form friendships with new people is pretty cool. My favorite part of camp is undoubtedly campfire before bed. It was one of my favorite parts of camp as a girl, and I’m happy to say it still is as an adult. I have to admit that my least favorite part of camp was definitely the outhouses. They’re just so stinky.

A few weeks ago I volunteered at another camp for a few days, this time with the age group that I typically work with – 9 to 11 year olds. It was definitely a different set of skills that are needed compared to the older girls – I ended up getting pretty good at getting bugs out of tents and dealing with tears about being homesick. But it was also a lot of fun seeing the girls be able to try new things like archery or cooking over a camp stove. We made sloppy joes one night for dinner, and one of the girls had never eaten them before. She ended up absolutely loving them and getting three helping of them. After dinner she asked me how she could make them at home.

To be honest a couple weeks at camp definitely made me appreciate flush toilets, hot showers, and my bed a lot more than I did before. It’s those comfort things that you don’t realize you like as much as you do until they’re not available anymore. One summer as a kid I was at camp for half the summer, sleeping in tents and a sleeping bag. I have no idea how I did that for month – it would be so hard to do that as an adult.

This week I looked at a space to potentially teach yoga again. I’m super excited about being able to get back into it. I haven’t taught since the pandemic started. If you’re in Calgary and interested in staying up to date on classes I’m offering, be sure to check out my Yoga Classes page. It’s in a central location (not far from Bow Trail and Sarcee). The room has also been recently fixed up with new paint and floors. Pair that with big windows along two walls and it’s a beautiful space for yoga.

Life Lately: Summer 2022