Today I’m sharing some cute winter outfit ideas.

Winter here in Calgary is all about staying warm. In fact, we’re getting some more snow as I type this. Winter seems to drag on forever, and even in March and April we can get big dumps of snow and cold temperatures. The challenge can sometimes be to still look put together when more layers are needed to keep warm. I’m hoping that some of the pieces I’m sharing today will give you some inspiration.

I love cables – whether they’re on sweaters, hats, or mittens. They add a little something to knitted clothes. I’m all about the layers during the winter months too. Putting on a t shirt under a blazer, sweater, or long sleeve button down adds an extra layer of warmth. Blue is one of my favorite colors to wear, so it’s no surprise that so many blue pieces made it into this post. During the winter I like to pair it with cream and black.

It can be a challenge to find cute winter boots, but I really like the two options I’ve shared here. I own the bean boots and absolutely love them. I have the flannel lined ones and they’re perfect for snowy days and provide some extra warmth.

Shop the items I’ve included in this post (plus a few more) by clicking the images below. They’re all affiliate links.

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Winter Outfit Ideas
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