It’s been awhile since I’ve last written one of these posts. I thought I should sneak one last one in before the end of the year. It seems like such a long time ago that I used to write these kinds of posts every month.

Gingham Paper Studio

A few months ago I started up my Etsy shop called Gingham Paper Studio. I create stationery – from birthday cards to flat notecards to stickers – and get them professionally printed. It’s been a lot of fun to combine being creative with making some money. I’ve gotten orders from all over Canada and the United States. If you’re into stationery be sure to take a look. I’d be so excited to send orders to blog readers.

This flamingo notecard is one of my favorites in my shop. They’re just so cute against the pink and white stripes!

Another Christmas with Covid

It’s hard to believe that this Christmas will be the second one we’ve had with Covid. Last year felt so weird – we kept our Christmas celebrations small with just my dad, brother, and me. We also did all of our Christmas shopping online. I did a lot of it online in previous years, but last year (and this year) we did everything online, including grocery orders.

To be completely honest I thought we’d be done (or at least mostly done) with Covid by now. Last Christmas people here were just starting to get vaccinated. While I wasn’t eligible for a few months, I thought that when the majority of people were vaccinated the cases of Covid would go down substantially. I didn’t think we’d have gone through a fourth wave in the late summer/early fall.

We’re planning to make the best of Christmas this year though. For Christmas Eve my dad will be making his lasagna. For Christmas Day we’ll be having turkey, stuffing, and all of the traditional holiday meal. We open Christmas gifts Christmas morning. Even though we don’t have any kids in our family, it’s still fun to watch my dad and brother open their gifts.

Life Lately: December 2021
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