I hope you all had a nice weekend. For those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving, I hope it was full of good food and your favorite people. My weekend wasn’t too exciting. I didn’t go shopping on Black Friday (I would much rather shop online, even if I am missing out on some deals). Today I’m sharing a recap of how I kept busy.

Saturday afternoon I stopped by the dollar store to get a few more of these totes. They’re perfect for storing stock for my Etsy shop. I wasn’t expecting the dollar store to be quite as busy as it was. Thankfully I knew what I needed and I was in and out pretty quickly. I’m one of those people who likes to goes into stores knowing what they need to get – I don’t like browsing.

I spent Saturday night with my boyfriend. We decided on getting takeout from Native Tongues, an amazing Mexican restaurant here in Calgary. They only do burritos for takeout, so I went with the beef one. Us usual with everything that I’ve tried from Native Tongues, the burrito was delicious. We even got their donas (donuts) for dessert. I hadn’t tried them before, but my boyfriend had. He knew how amazing they were and was waiting for my reaction when I took my first bite. It was so much better than any other donut I’ve ever had. Apparently they make them to order so that they’re super fresh.

Sunday afternoon I got out the Christmas decorations and started working on getting them up. I’m thinking it’ll take another day or so to get the tree up. I’m trying to organize and get rid of some of the things that we don’t need anymore. We have SO MUCH Christmas stuff. We have a whole tote full of indoor Christmas lights. There’s no way that we need that many. It’s amazing how it accumulates over time.

I spent some time this weekend reading The Drowning Kind (affiliate link) by Jennifer McMahon. I’ve been in a bit of a reading slump the last month or so, so I’m glad I’m reading a The Drowning Time because it’s so good! It’s one of those books that’s hard to put down.

Weekend Highlights: Burritos + Christmas Decorating
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