Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite things from the last little while.

The weather has been wild in Calgary over the past two weeks. First we had a week long, record breaking heat wave that felt like it would never end. Then a few days ago the city got a severe thunder storm that came with hail and caused flooding. Water started pooling on our street and then it started to flood. Cars could just barely make it through without getting stuck. The water was slowly creeping up our driveway. Thankfully the water didn’t reach the house and there was no flooding in the basement. It was a reminder of how powerful Mother Nature is when she wants to be.

And now on to a couple of my favorite things from the past week.

Nail polish

I had bought this nail polish last summer because I loved the pinky/purple shade. It’s Flowerista (affiliate link) from Essie. I love how deep and saturated the color is while still being bright enough to wear during the summer.

My typical nail polish routine starts with a layer of base coat. I then follow it up with two coats of color. The finishing touch is a layer of top coat to keep my nails looking as good for as long as possible. I figure if I’m going to put in the effort to do my nails, I might as well make it last for as long as I can.

Cinnamon raisin coffee cake

I was at Sunterra earlier this week and decided to pick up a little something for dessert. I ended up deciding on this cinnamon raisin coffee cake. It was delicious. I have a couple favorite sweet treats from Sunterra, but I decided to try out this new to me cake. I’m glad I did because it’s going on my list of favorites. It’s slightly sweet from the raisins and the cinnamon pairs perfectly with them. It’s one of those perfect flavor combinations.

Grade 2 class photo

I was looking through some storage bins looking for something when I came across this class photo from grade 2. I’m sure it’s been decades since I last saw it. While I remember a few of my classmate’s names, I’m surprised that I don’t remember more. I moved provinces the summer between grades three and four, so I didn’t keep in touch with anyone. I do have several of my classmates as friends on Facebook, but that’s about it.

In case you were wondering, I’m in the middle row, third from the left!

As for the weekend, I don’t have much planned other than spending some time in the backyard reading. I’m looking forward to a low key weekend. What are your plans for the weekend? Share in the comments below.

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Friday Favorites: Coffee Cake + Elementary School