In today’s post I’m sharing what I’ve been reading recently.

June was a slow reading month for me – I only finished three books. They were pretty good reads though and I really enjoyed them. I love hearing what other people are reading so I’m writing about what I read in June. If you read something good recently let me know in the comments below. I always need recommendations.

Love Your Life

I’m a big Sophie Kinsella fan, so it’s no surprise that I liked Love Your Life (affiliate link). Sophie’s books are easy and fun to read. They’re perfect for summer to read while you’re on vacation, at the beach, or at the cabin. They don’t require a lot of thought to follow but they keep me entertained. I love that Sophie can take more heavy topics and have her characters deal with them in relatable and sometimes silly ways. I can almost always see a bit of myself in the main characters.

The Forgotten Daughter

This is the second book by Joanna Goodman. I had read The Home For Unwanted Girls (affiliate link) a year or two ago and really liked it. I was pretty sure that I would also enjoy reading The Forgotten Daughter (affiliate link). I was born and lived in Montreal until I was nine, so it was fun to read a book that was set in Quebec. I was too young when I lived there to fully appreciate the politics of language and separation, but it was so interesting to read about it. I was living just outside of Toronto when the 1995 independence referendum happened and I remember realizing what a big deal it was. If you’re new to the modern history of Quebec and don’t know a lot about the separatist movement, the FLQ, the October Crisis, language politics, and the Duplessis orphans, this book is a great jumping off point.

The Rumor

The last book that I read this month was The Rumor (affiliate link) by Elin Hilderbrand. It’s all about how quickly rumors can spread in smaller communities, and how devastating they can be. Back in university I did a four month internship in a small town. I commuted there 4 days per week, so I didn’t live there. I was amazing at how quickly word spread that I was working there. It felt like everyone had already heard of me – even the teen working at the Subway. I was surprised that he’d already heard about me and knew where I was working. It was definitely eye opening.

Of course this book is also set in Nantucket. Reading about the beautiful setting with ocean, beaches, and flowers is always fun. I have a green thumb so I loved that The Rumor featured a beautiful garden.

The Rumor is a fun read that kept me interested the whole time I was reading it. It was a tough book to put down. It’s another one of those books that would be perfect to read on vacation this summer.

What have your been reading lately?

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What I’m Reading: June 2021
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