In today’s post I’m sharing a 90’s boy band workout playlist. I’ve also included a link to the playlist on Spotify.

I was born in the early 80’s and was a teen in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Boy bands were all the rage when I was in junior and senior high. I distinctly remember a classmate in my grade 11 math class saying that she was heading straight to the mall after school to buy the latest Backstreet Boys CD. Throwback to CD’s and when you could buy music at the mall. A lot has changed in music since the 90’s.

I decided to focus on the boy bands of the 90’s for this workout playlist. It’s hard to believe how popular they were, looking back from 2021. Some of those dances, outfits, and haircuts are cringeworthy. I have to admit that the Backstreet Boys were definitely my favorite, with Nsync being a very close second.

Here’s the songs I included in this boy band workout playlist:

  • Bye Bye Bye – Nsync
  • Step by Step – New Kids on the Block
  • What is Love – Haddaway
  • I Swear – All-4-One
  • Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) – Backstreet Boys
  • Everything I Do – Bryan Adams
  • Tearin’ Up My Heart – Nsync
  • Good Vibrations – Marky Mark
  • I Want You Back – Nsync
  • It’s Gonna Be Me – Nsync
  • You Got It (The Right Stuff) – New Kids on the Block
  • I’ll Make Love to You – Boyz II Men
  • Don’t Want You Back – Backstreet Boys
  • Tearin’ Up My Heart – Nsync

You can find the playlist here on Spotify. If you’re looking for a different kind of workout playlist, I have all the ones that I’ve created here. I know that boy bands aren’t everyone’s favorite thing. I have everything from playlists from the 70’s to artist specific ones like Britney Spears.

What was your favorite boy band from the 90’s? Share it below in the comments.

Boy Band Workout Playlist
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