Today I’m sharing the highlights of a mini bedroom makeover that I just finished.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been giving my bedroom a mini makeover. I wanted to replace my desk and change things up a bit. I added a few shelves on the wall to show off some of my favorite things, did a DIY project with some picture frames, and put together some new furniture. I wanted to stay on a budget and keep it simple, so I used things that I had around the house as well as finding some deals on other things online. I have to admit that Ikea was great for sticking to my budget.

My nightstand is super old Ikea that I bought when I moved into my very first apartment nearly 20 years ago. That makes me feel really old! It’s still available from Ikea – you can find it here. It’s definitely not the same shade of white it was when I bought it. I’m considering spray painting it a nice crisp white. The jewelry dish is from Amazon (affiliate link). The lamp and shade are both from Home Depot. I tried looking for it online but I wasn’t’ able to find it. I did find a couple of similar ones though if you’re looking for the same look.

I bought the brackets and shelves from Ikea. These are the brackets I used and I went for these for the actual shelves. They have a longer version but I thought that the smaller ones would be the perfect size for my space. I didn’t want it to look too crowded.

I bought the hydrangea prints from Divisha on Etsy. You can find the candleholder here, it’s from Ikea as well. I also stocked up on some candles while I was shopping online. I went with these ones. They were pretty affordable compared to the other candles that I found online.

I found the two blue candles online at Bad Bath and Beyond. The darker blue one can be found here and here’s the lighter blue candle. I actually lucked out and found them on clearance for 50% off.

I had bought the two frames that I put the hydrangea artwork in from the thrift store a few years ago for $1 each. I decided I wanted to give them a bit of a refresh so I decided to sand them and then spray paint them. I used Rustoleum spray paint in Satin French Blue. I’m definitely not a spray paint expert by any means, but I was happy with how the frames turned out. I gave them 3 coats of paint 24 hours apart. It was a super easy and quick project to do.

The white candle holder to the right of my monitor is also from Ikea. The white work light next to it is also from Ikea. I bought it probably 10 years ago. I tried to find it on the Ikea website but I wasn’t able to find it.

I got the vase from Ikea as well – it’s available in one smaller size and two larger ones. The white pot with the plant in it is from Amazon. You can find it here (affiliate link). It’s the same pot that some of the plants on my shelves are in as well.

I got my desk from Ikea. These are the drawers and I went with this table top. The table top comes in three different sizes. I opted for the medium one as I tend to spread out when I work. I find a crowded and cluttered workspace distracting. so I wanted to make sure that I had storage with the drawers and room to work. Both the drawers and the table top come in several different colors. I liked the white and birch veneer together. I considered getting a second set of drawers for the other end of the desk, but went with these simple legs instead.

I forgot to take a photo of my bed. but all the bed linens are blue and write. I have this striped duvet cover (affiliate link) and this throw blanket (affiliate link). I also have a few throw pillows on my bed but I wasn’t able to find links for them online.

When’s the last time you refreshed a room in your home?

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Mini Bedroom Makeover
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