We had a beautiful weekend here in Calgary. It definitely feels like spring is almost here. While it did snow a bit on Saturday afternoon, it didn’t last long and none of the snow stuck around. An hour or two later the sun was back out. I’m really looking forward to nicer weather. This past winter has felt extra long and cold.

Saturday I got together with my boyfriend. We took his English Bulldog, Winston, for a walk. My boyfriend popped into the grocery store to grab a few things for dinner, while Winston and I waited outside. Winston was a bit annoyed that it couldn’t go in with him, and had to check out a bunch of the windows to see if he could see him. He was quite happy a few minutes later when my boyfriend reappeared.

We watched The Martian with Matt Damon on Netflix. I was expecting it to be a sci fi movie, but it was really more of a thriller. I’m not really a sci fi fan so I ended up liking it more than I thought I would. For dinner we cooked up a stir fry. My boyfriend found this recipe. While we tweaked it a little bit (we used chicken instead of turkey), it was really good. The sauce is definitely one that I would make again.

I stopped by Village Ice Cream to pick up a pint of their newest seasonal flavor. When I read the description of Villsbury Doughboy on Village’s Instagram account, I knew that I wanted to try it. It’s the perfect combination of ice cream and cookie dough. They actually make their cookie dough from scratch, so you know that it’s going to be good. If you live in Calgary and are a fan of cookie dough, be sure to stop by Village this month before this flavor is gone.

Sunday morning I got some errands done that I had been putting off. There’s just nothing fun about putting gas in my car or picking up a prescription at the pharmacy. If only those things could be done all by themselves without me having to do anything.

I also spent some time reading this weekend. I dove into The Nightingale (affiliate link) by Kristin Hanna as well as Tidelands (affiliate link) by Philippa Gregory. They’re both historical fictions, but about very different times and places. The Nightingale is set during WWII in France, while Tidelands takes place in southern England in the 1650’s.

What was the highlight of your weekend? Share about it in the comments below.

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Weekend Highlights: Spring is Near + a Delicious Stir fry
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