Spoiler: I didn’t watch the Super Bowl.

This weekend was a very cold and snowy one, just like the forecast predicted. I didn’t even leave the house until Sunday to pick up the grocery order that I had submitted online the day before. I had on a pair of winter boots, jeans, 3 shirts, a jacket, toque, and 2 pairs of clothes when I drove over to the grocery store. I was still cold. I guess that’s bound to happen with it’s -32 C (-25 F for my American readers).

I spent Saturday trying to stay warm and cozy at home. I watched a couple movies while knitting. The last project I finished was a pair of red mittens. I’ve been all about the smaller knitting projects lately. It’s been pretty nice to have a pair of mittens done in just 2 or 3 days. Last week I donated a couple boxes of cold weather accessories. It was just in time to get them to the people who need them before the cold weather arrived. I’m hoping to have another box of mittens, toques, and neck warmers ready to go before the end of the winter.

The most interesting part of the Super Bowl for me is the halftime show, and I didn’t even know who was performing until I asked my brother a few hours before the game started. I did take advantage of some of the tasty snack food though. I made a pepperoni pizza that ended up being really good. I decided to go pretty simple with this one and opted for pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni for toppings. Not only is pizza comfort food, but it also tasted really good on such a cold day.

I also spent some time on Sunday reading. There’s nothing better than snuggling up under a warm blanket with a good book. I’m still making my way through The Taming of the Queen (affiliate link) by Philippa Gregory. She’s actually one of my favorite authors. The Taming of the Queen follows Katheryn Parr, who was the last wife of Henry VIII as well as the first woman in England to have a book published under her name.

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Super Bowl Weekend Highlights