In today’s post I’m sharing some of the best Christmas movies (in my humble opinion).

I think everyone has some holiday movies that they watch every year around now. I have a few that I like to enjoy that put me in the holiday spirit. Below I’m sharing some of the best Christmas movies that I like to watch with family and friends. The other day I was reading this article on Rotten Tomatoes about the best Christmas movies of all time. It gave me the idea of sharing some of my favorite Christmas movies on the blog.

The Grinch

I’m all about the old animated version of The Grinch. I’ve seen the one with Jim Carrey and it’s just not as good. I think part of it is that I remember watching the cartoon version as a kid. I’m able to watch it on TV most years. Apparently The Grinch was one of my grandpa’s favorite Christmas movies too.

Home Alone

I’m clearly a child of the 80’s/90’s, because I remember Home Alone being a huge movie when I was in elementary school. I loved that a kid was able to defend his house from two adult burglars. It’s one of those movies that I was able to put myself into the middle of it, just like the Goonies. I remember thinking that it would be so much fun to set up all of those traps around the house and wait for someone to break in and walk right into them.

The Santa Clause

This is another one of those childhood movies for me that I have good memories of. While I didn’t believe in Santa anymore once I saw this movie, I still enjoyed it. It’s one of those movies that’s always on TV around this time of year.


I was going to write that this is one of my favorite recent Christmas movies, but I just realized that Elf was released nearly 20 years ago! This is one of the few movies that I saw more than once in the theatre when it was released. Will Ferrell was a favorite of mine from the SNL cast, so it’s no surprise that I also enjoy this movie. There’s also a ton of great actors in it – from Mary Steenburgen to Bob Newhart.

Peanuts Christmas

Another classic Christmas movie, a Peanuts Christmas is one of my all time favorites. It’s hard to go wrong with Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and the rest of the Peanuts gang. It has such a good lesson at the end – one that I know is always a good reminder for me at this time of year. It’s so easy to get caught up in the decorations and gifts when what really matters is holiday spirit.

It’s A Wonderful Life

I had to save my best Christmas movie for last. It’s A Wonderful Life is a movie that I watch every single Christmas. I actually didn’t discover it until I was in my first year of university. When someone who lived on my floor in res heard that I had never seen it, she insisted that we watch it together. George Bailey gets himself in a situation where he thinks that the world would be better off if he had never been born. An angel named Clarence is sent to show him how different his little town would have been if he in fact wasn’t around. It’s an eye opening experience for George as he realizes that he’s impacted more lives than he ever expected.

What’s a movie that would be on your best Christmas movies list? Share it in the comments below.

The Best Christmas Movies
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