This past weekend was a big one for me – it was my birthday on Saturday! It was a pretty low key birthday for me this year with Covid. My province put new restrictions in place on Friday. Cases have been growing steadily here (especially in my city). My plans to see my boyfriend on Friday were put on hold for at least a few weeks. While I was definitely disappointed that I couldn’t see him, I know it’s important to limit the spread of Covid and keep the healthcare system from getting overwhelmed. I’m hoping that sacrificing some fun this birthday means that next year’s birthday will be a bit more “normal” and I’ll be able to celebrate in person with both my boyfriend and friends.

I was able to use some birthday to replace my Fitbit Charge 2 that I bought nearly 4 years ago. I’ve really loved using it and I was really sad when it died. On Friday I ordered a Fitbit Versa 3 (affiliate link) online and was able to use curbside pick up to get it less than an hour later. As much as technology is frustrating at times, it sure does make things easy to social distance.

Saturday I was able to celebrate my birthday with my dad and brother doing some of my favorite things. I slept in until almost 8 am (which almost never happens), I spent time reading, and watched a couple episodes of The Haunting of Bly Manor on Netflix.

We ordered food from my favorite neighborhood pub on Skip the Dishes for my birthday dinner. I was craving a good burger. I had considered a few other things – Indian and Vietnamese are favorites of mine – but in the end what I really wanted was a cheeseburger. Not very fancy or exciting, but it was delicious. I had made vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles on top for dessert. They were a bit crumbly but they still tasted good.

Sunday was spent getting some errands done like picking up the grocery order and then cleaning. The bathroom is definitely my least favorite thing to tackle, but is always feels so good when it’s done. It’s almost therapeutic. My desktop computer has been temperamental since I applied the last Windows update, so I spent a good chunk of time on Sunday trying to sort that out. Unfortunately it’s still not working properly and freezing up a bunch.

I ended my weekend last night watching season four of The Crown on Netflix. It was released yesterday and it’s felt like I’ve had to wait forever for it. I’m one episode in so far and season four is shaping up to be just as good as the first three.

If you’ve celebrated a birthday since the pandemic started, how have you celebrated? Are you watching The Crown?

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Birthday Weekend Highlights