Today I’m sharing some of my favorite things from the past week.

It’s been a week. I had a bunch of appointments with healthcare providers this week. I mentioned that the the one I saw yesterday and she confirmed that appointment fatigue is an actual thing. It was a relief to have her tell me that. Those appointments can be pretty draining. I only have two appointments with healthcare providers next week which is an improvement so I’ll take it! Today I’m sharing a few things that I’ve been loving over the past few days.

I added some almond butter to my grocery order and I’ve had it a few times since Sunday. I really like it. I don’t know if it’s all almond butter or just the brand that I got, but I found it to be thicker than peanut butter, a bit grainy (which I didn’t mind), and less sweet which I also really liked. I’ve been having it on slices of toast. The heat of the toast allows the almond butter to melt a bit and get a bit less “sticky”. Almond butter will definitely be something that I guy again.

My boyfriend sent me this photo of Winston a few days ago. They’d just gotten back from their morning walk and apparently it took a lot out of Winston because he needed a nap. It’s a tough life when you need to have a nap after being awake for less than two hours. Apparently Winston was the least popular from his litter because of his coloring. Ironically he gets tons of compliments from people when out on walks because of his brindle. He’s the sweetest dog and is a huge social butterfly. He wants to be your friend whether you’re another dog or a human. Earlier this week was his gotcha day. It’s hard to believe that my boyfriend has had him for two years already. The time has gone by so fast!

I put on a few color of nail polish this week. It looks more red on than the pink it looks like in the bottle, but I’m really liking it. It’s actually been growing on me the more I have it on. I have a feeling that I’ll be wearing this color a lot. The color is bachelorette bash (affiliate link) by Essie. I keep coming back to Essie nail polish because it always goes on so nicely and it has great coverage. I’ve tried other (cheaper) brands, but they just don’t compare. They end up streaky and take a million coats.

This weekend is going to be a special one for me. It’s my birthday tomorrow! It’s hard to believe that I’ll be turning 38. I’m looking 40 square in the face. Covid has definitely impacted how I’ll be celebrating this year. I had planned to spend some time with my boyfriend today, but because of increased cases of Covid, there are new measures being put in place in my province. As a result non-essential indoor social gatherings are out, which means I won’t be going over to my boyfriend’s place for 2 weeks at a minimum. I know it’s a small thing to be able to spend my birthday with him, but I was honestly looking forward to it. Thankfully we can still do walks with Winston outdoors so we’ll still be able to see each other while these enhanced measures are in place. And really, I would much rather sacrifice this year’s birthday to help get cases back under control so that we can spend next year’s birthday together.

I’ll be able to celebrate with my family though which I’m excited about. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to have for my birthday dinner. I think I’ve done Indian the last few years (it’s one of my favorites), but I feel like changing it up this year. We’ll see what I decide on. I hope that you have some fun things on the agenda for the weekend. Let me know what you have planned in the comments.

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Friday Favorites: Almond Butter + Pink Nail Polish
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