Since I ran on Monday, that mean that yesterday was a strength day for me. Usually I pick a workout on Peloton for the time that I’d like to workout, but yesterday I thought it would be fun to try combining a couple shorter ones. I combined a strength warm up, bodyweight strength, core, and stretching workouts. They were each 10 minutes so I ended up with about 40 minutes of workout.

As usual I went with my favorite Peloton instructor, Andy Speer. I’m still not sure what it is, but I love his workouts. They’re straight forward, he always has good music, and his cuing is always helpful. He always manages to say the thing I need at the point in the workout when I’m feeling the least motivated.

My hips have definitely been feeling a bit tighter since I started running again, so I figured getting in all the stretching was a good thing. Sometimes I don’t even notice how tight I am until I stretch or foam roll and I feel a difference. Clearly my body is telling me that I need to be spending more time stretching! It can be a struggle sometimes to talk myself into actually doing it, even though I know it’s something that I should be doing. Sometimes putting on something on YouTube and telling myself I’ll foam roll while watching it is just what I need to get myself to do it.

Speaking of running, I’ve signed up for my very first 5K!

I’m super excited to have my first race scheduled in December. I signed up for the Santa Shuffle. It gives me something concrete to work towards with my running. I think it’ll make each treadmill workout a bit easier now that I have a concrete goal. It’s a virtual race this year, so I can do it at any point between December 5th to 12th. It’ll most likely happen on the treadmill (I do live in Calgary after all), but I don’t care. Since this is my very first race, so you have any tips for me? This is brand new territory for me so I’d love any advice you may have.

Do you stretch or foam roll consistently? If so, what are some of your tips?

Peloton Strength Workout + My First 5K!
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