Today I’m sharing a recap from my workouts this week.

It’s been months since I last ran, but I’ve been back at it this week. I’m pretty excited to be doing it again. I’ve dealt with plantar fasciitis before, and so far it hasn’t come back. Woohoo! It’s pretty miserable, so I’m hoping that my feet stay happy and pain free as I increase my running over the next few weeks.


Rest day.


My first run of the week was bright and early on Monday morning. I did a quick 30 minute run/walk workout on the Peloton app with Andy Speer. I feel like my cardiovascular endurance has gone down a lot since March when I stopped going to the gym. I’ve definitely gone on lots of walks, but not a whole lot of cardio that gets me sweaty. While I’ve been doing lots of strength training, My plan is to take it slow building back up to 30 to 45 minute cardio workouts.


I gave my legs a break on Tuesday and did a 30 minute full body strength workout on the Peloton app. There were a ton of bent over rows that left my back/shoulders feeling tired.


I was back to running on the treadmill for my workout on Wednesday. I did 1 minute run/2 minute walk intervals for 30 minutes. I did the same run/walk intervals the entire week. As much as I could have liked to run more, I know I have to go slowly or else I risk injuries. It’s something that I tell clients all the time, so I have to take my own advice too.


Rest day.


My last running workout of the week was on Friday. It happened later than I had planned. I had a tough time getting out of bed – I kept pressing snooze. I finally ended up getting up and heading to the basement to get on the treadmill. This


My plan for today is to do a yoga practice on the Peloton app. I haven’t done a ton of yoga on the app, so I want to take advantage of it.

Are you a runner? How long have you been running for?

Weekly Workouts: Halloween Edition
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