Today I’m sharing a Spotify workout – complete with a link to the playlist on Spotify.

Did anyone else get the email from Peloton that barre workouts are now on the app? I’m pretty excited that they’re now included in my Peloton membership. Barre has been a favorite workout of mine for a long time, despite the fact that I don’t do it very often. I’m sure I’ll be getting more barre workouts in now that it’s on the app. It took me a few minutes to find them on the app – they’re under the strength workout category. Since I started using the Peloton app a few months ago I have nothing but good things to say about it.

Now that I’m done sharing that excitement, on to my Spotify workout playlist!

This playlist is mainly songs that I’m hearing on the radio right now. I feel like pop goes in cycles. I love songs for a few months and then there’s a few months of a lull where I’m less than impressed with top 40 hits. Right now I’m really enjoying everything that I’m hearing. It’s always fun when that happens. I’ve included artists like Pink, Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez, Marshmello, and Sam Smith.

Especially with working out from home right now, I find that having some great music really gets me motivated to put in that extra effort. If you’re anything like me, it’s nice to have that extra little push with the last few reps of burpees or squats. What motivation I don’t get from those people around me at the gym, I get from some really good music.

You can find the playlist here. As always you can also follow me on Spotify and get updated when I put together new workout playlists. That usually happens monthly. I love hearing what other people are listening to so I like to follow people on there and find out what they’re enjoying. Be sure to check out my previous workout playlists too.

Do you like doing barre workouts? What’s a favorite song on your Spotify workout playlist?

Spotify Workout Playlist
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