Yesterday was Winston’s second birthday! He’s my boyfriend’s English Bulldog. He’d been looking for a bulldog for awhile, and I think it was love at first sight when he first saw Winston. Winston was actually the “unpopular” sibling in his litter because of this coloring. It’s hard to believe because he gets lots of compliments from strangers on walks about his brindle. Winston has added joy and happiness to my life. I’m very grateful that my boyfriend decided to get him.

I first got to meet him a few days after my boyfriend brought him home. I wanted to give Winston some time to settle into his new life before meeting me. Looking through his puppy pictures it’s hard to believe that he was ever so little. When he brought Winston home he was just under 10 pounds. He now weights 65 pounds – bigger than his mom but not quite as big as his dad. He’s definitely not small anymore!

Winston is full of personality. He’s a social butterfly and is all about making new friends – both the human and dog varieties. He loves getting attention. He’s all about pets and compliments. I swear he knows when someone days that he’s cute.

Winston is one of those dogs that always likes to know exactly what’s going on. He always has to be in the middle of everything. He’s very curious and likes to explore. Over the weekend when I went on a walk with my boyfriend and Winston we walked past a marching band that was practicing outside. He wasn’t sure what to make of the drums, didn’t care at all about the people practicing with their flags, and was really interested in the xylophone.

He’s generally doesn’t like to nap when I’m at their place because I’m still “new and exciting” and Winston doesn’t want to miss out on anything. Seeing him sleeping – even if it was against my legs so that he’d know if I moved – doesn’t happen very often when I’m there.

He’s not shy about letting you know when he doesn’t think he’s gotten enough attention. He’s been known to just com over and sit on you so that you have no choice but to pet him. He thinks he’s a lap dog though he’s definitely too big to be one.

My boyfriend and I have definitely gotten to know his neighborhood and the other dogs who live there more while walking Winston. My boyfriend actually discovered our favorite date night place, Vagabond, while walking him. Winston has a ton of dog friends he sees on walks, including Pablo, Cosmo the Dalmation, Maya, Snacks the French Bulldog, Poppy, and so many more.

Do you celebrate your dog’s birthday? What do you do?

Winston’s Second Birthday
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