Today I’m sharing my experience using Poshmark over the last few months in this Poshmark review.

A few years ago I remember checking out At that point they only shipped within the US, and being in Canada, that excluded me. A few months ago I checked it out again and I was very happy that they now have a Canadian version – All the prices on it are in CAD and shipping is within Canada. I’m so glad that they expanded to Canada because I’ve really enjoyed using it. Not only have I found some great deals, but I love that I’m being environmentally friendly by giving another life to previously enjoyed clothing and accessories. Interested in more fashion posts? You can find them all of my fashion related posts here.

What is Poshmark?

Think of Poshmark as an online consignment shop meets auction site. People post their clothing and accessories (basically everything you’ll find in your closet) online with photos, descriptions, and a price. Buyers can buy outright at the price that the seller has set or offer a lower price. Once both have agreed on a price Poshmark charges the buyer’s credit card and the seller sends out the order. It’s as simple as that!

How Poshmark works

Like I mentioned before, you can counter the price that a seller has set. If you do this and the seller accepts, you’re committed to the sale. Poshmark charges your credit card when the sale has been completed. They hold your money until you receive your items. You then have a chance to look at them, confirm that they’re as described by the seller. You then click accept on the Poshmark site, and Poshmark sends the the money to the seller. I think they’ve come up with a great system to be as fair as possible to everyone. The sellers have an incentive to be honest in their photos, descriptions, and even sending out their packages quickly. Buyers have the peace of mind that if they receive something that wasn’t as advertised they can dispute it.

Poshmark tips

Poshmark has a feature where you can like the listings that you’re interested in. Often times sellers will make offers to people who’ve liked their listings. You’ll also get notifications if the sellers lowers a price on things that you’ve liked. I’ve gotten some really great deals by liking an item and being patient to see if sellers will lower the price.

Think of the listed price as a starting point. I don’t think I’ve paid the listed price for anything I’ve bought on Poshmark yet. Though if it was something that I was looking for for awhile I’d be willing to!

Filter search results using the “my size” feature. It saves your sizes in different categories (shoes, dresses, pants, tops, etc.). It saves me a ton of time when I’m looking for something. Instead of having to filter sizes every time, I just check the my size filter and I’m good to go.

Check Poshmark often because clothing and accessories are added all the time.

If you have any questions about a listing, be sure to ask the seller questions. I’ve found that they’re more than happy to answer anything that I may be wondering about. Sellers have measured clothing and even added additional photos. They want to make the sale and ensure you’re happy with your purchase.

My experience using Poshmark

I’ve done 6 or 7 transactions on Poshmark by now and I have to admit that I’ve been happy which each one. I think it’s been a combination of the system that Poshmark has set up and being willing to ask sellers questions if I’m unsure about anything. For someone who’s on a budget it’s been a great way to add things to my wardrobe that would otherwise be out of my price range. I would highly recommend you check it out. It’s especially useful if you have brands that you love. You can filter search results to only include those brands that you know are good quality and fit you well.

I hope you’ve found this Poshmark review helpful. If you have any other questions be sure to leave them in the comments below.

Have your used Poshmark before? What’s your Poshmark review? What’s been your favorite purchase?

Poshmark Review
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