In today’s post I’m sharing a few of my favorite things.

Happy Friday! It’s nice to almost have the weekend here. Do you have anything fun planned? I have absolutely nothing on the agenda so I’m going to thoroughly enjoy a quiet weekend close to hope. To put it in perspective, the most exciting thing I’ll probably be doing is picking up an online grocery order. That sounds kind of perfect for this weekend to be completely honest.

Maison Orphee Olive and Balsamic Marinade

I put two marinades on this week’s grocery order. One of them was swapped out for this Maison Orphee Olive and Balsamic Marinade. It was a new to me brand. It sounded delicious so I was looking forward to trying it. It’s actually a Canadian brand, so it was nice to also support a local company.

We decided to marinade some pork chops and then cook them on the barbecue. I put them in the marinade just before I made my breakfast, so they were in it for about 8 hours. The pork chops were then cooked on the barbecue. As you can see in the photo below they turned out really pretty with the grill marks on them. I thought that the balsamic flavor from the marinade went really well with the flavor of the pork. I love balsamic vinegar anyways, so it was a lucky thing that they swapped out the flavor that I had originally picked with this one. Along with the pork chops I made some veggies and rice. It was a really tasty meal – one that I can see myself making again.

Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail and Cuticle Oil

I’ve been using this cuticle oil on my nails daily for the past few weeks. In fact, some days I put it on twice. My hands are that dry right now thanks to all of the extra hand washing due to Covid. My hands have been in need of some serious help! I found Sally Hansen cuticle oil (affiliate link) for a great price on Amazon and I couldn’t be happier with it.

The cuticle oil has made a huge difference in how my nails and fingers look. My skin isn’t as dry anymore and it doesn’t crack as much, especially around my nails. A little goes a long way when applying the cuticle oil, so I can see this little bottle lasting me a long time. You don’t need much on each finger. I don’t notice a smell at all when I put it on, which is a nice change from some other cuticle oils that I’ve used in the past.


I know I’m late to the game on this one, but I tried using Poshmark for the first time a couple weeks ago. I have to admit that I’ve been really impressed with the items that I’ve bought so far – both clothing and jewelry. I don’t think that they shipped to Canada the last time I checked them out a few years ago, but now you can shop at if you’re a fellow Canadian. The filters and search tools on Poshmark make it super easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. I’ve bought a J Crew vest and a couple pieces of jewelry and I’ve been really happy with all of it so far. It’s nice to be able to save a little money, do something good for the environment and give some previously loved things a new home, and support someone who’s selling things.

What’s your favorite product to use on dry hands? Have you ever bought anything on Poshmark?

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Friday Favorites
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