In this post I’m sharing some of the best planners.

Back to school time is right around the corner here in Calgary, even though I’m sure that it’ll look very different this year. Kids typically go back the first week of September, so it’s coming up quick! Back to school time still feels like a mini new start to the year even though I haven’t gone back to school in a very long time! I’m one of those people who loves stationery. I’m all about the cute notebooks, thank you cards, and pens. I’ve always been a person who needed a planner. If I don’t write things down then it’s likely that I won’t remember. Whether it’s an appointment with my doctor or a reminder to pay a bill on time, if I don’t write it down, it most likely won’t happen. While I use a combination of paper planner and google calendar these days, I would be lost without either of them! I got the one I’m using right now almost exactly a year ago.

With all of the back to school stuff going on right now I thought I’d share some of the best planners that I’ve found online. I figure if I’m going to be using a planner for the next year, I might as well be using a cute one that I don’t mind looking at every single day. Below I’m sharing some of the best planners that I’ve found.

There are so many cute planners out there, and this one from Day Designer (affiliate link) definitely qualifies as cute! I know that if I get a planner that I like, I’ll be much more likely to use it. I love the green palms on it. And the spiral binding means that it will sit flat on my desk and I won’t have to worry about trying to keep it open and losing my place.

I love the gold flamingos against the navy blue background on this Blueline planner (affiliate link). I know I’ve had metal spiral bindings before that have ended up getting bend and therefore tough to turn pages, but with the twin wire binding on this one, that shouldn’t be an issue. And the cover looks nice and sturdy too so that the flamingos will look great til the end of 12 months too.

The vintage feel of this Kate Daisy planner (affiliate link) is what makes it so appealing to me. It feels like it’s right out of the 50’s or 60’s. It has a hard cover which is nice. You don’t have to worry about keeping it looking nice throughout the year – it’ll stand up to being used on a daily basis. The weekly spreads inside is enough room to write down everything. It’s also compact enough to see things at a glance.

I’m all about floral watercolors, so when I saw this planner (affiliate link) I know that it had to make it onto my list. The different shades of navy blue are perfect on the white background. It’s also a weekly spread planner. This means that you have a good amount of room to write things down for each week. It even comes with a matching bookmark that snaps into the spiral coil. It’s super easy to find your spot.

Finally, I’m really liking the rose gold against the navy blue on this Daily Bloom planner (affiliate link). The dark blue really makes the flowers pop. This is another weekly spread planner which started in July. It’s a planner that you can start to use right away.

Are you a paper planner or digital calendar person?

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Best Planners
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