Today I’m sharing some of my favorite easy to make Instant Pot recipes.

There are tons and tons of recipes for the Instant Pot online thanks to how popular they are. Unfortunately not all recipes are created equal. Some can have too many steps, be finicky, or be a lot of work for not much food. In this post I’m sharing some of my absolute favorite easy Instant Pot recipes I’ve made since I bought my Instant Pot. I’ve made all of the above recipes more than once and they’re the ones that I keep coming back to over and over again.

If you’re unsure if you want to invest in another small kitchen appliance like an Instant Pot (affiliate link), check out some reviews online, including mine here. I’ve really enjoyed using mine. It cooks food quickly and clean up is always easy because the pot part can go into the dishwasher. When I first got it I didn’t think I would use it all that much, but I end up pulling it out at least a couple times per week.

Instant Pot Tacos

I’ve made this recipe a few times now and it turns out perfectly each time. Other than the tacos shells I have most of the ingredients in the pantry and fridge so it’s a great recipe to make when I don’t have anything else planned. Don’t have taco shells? serve it over a bed of lettuce instead for a taco salad. The taco meat turns out super flavorful and it’s easy to customize to everyone’s tastes with the toppings like cheese, tomatoes, olives, and sour cream.

Instant Pot Lasagna

This lasagna recipe has been made a few times now in my house and it’s been a hit each and every time. And that means a lot because we’re big pasta eaters over here. Considering that it’s lasagna it doesn’t take very long at all to make – about 40 minutes the last time I made it. You will need a spring form pan (affiliate link) that will fit in the Instant Pot. I got one very similar to the one I linked and it’s worked great for both this and for making cheesecake in the Instant Pot. The only modifications I made to this recipe is to leave out the oregano and thyme. That was just a personal preference and I liked it much more without those two spices than with them.

Instant Pot Pulled Pork

I think I like this pulled pork recipe a little more every time I make it. I’m able to have a delicious and filling meal on the table in just under an hour. It’s perfectly seasoned with just a bit of sweetness from the brown sugar. There’s a few steps to go through to make it, but none of them are hard or complicated to do. You start by cutting up the meat, sauteeing it, pressure cooking it, and finally shredding it once it’s done cooking. Like I said, pretty straight forward. We always end up having leftovers and it’s just as good the day after it’s made.

Instant Pot Mac and Cheese

I got this recipe from the same blog as the pulled pork recipe above. It’s that perfect comfort food dish for when you’re wanting something that will fill you up on a cold fall or winter night. It includes three types of cheese so you know that it’ll taste good! There’s essentially two steps to this recipes – cooking the pasta and then melting the cheese for the sauce once the pasta has been cooked. It’s a really easy recipe to make. I’ve found that the most time intensive part is simply shredding the cheese.

Instant Pot Balsamic Pork Tenderloin

Once again, this recipe is super easy to make and the pork tenderloin is really tender and delicious. There’s a few steps to this recipe as well, but it’s all made within the Instant Pot which is really nice when it comes to cleaning up afterwards. You start by sauteeing the tenderloin, followed by pressure cooking it. Once it’s cooked through you remove it from the Instant Pot and use the juices for the base of the sauce. The balsamic glaze is so delicious!

Best Instant Pot Egg Bites

For all of you breakfast and breakfast for dinner lovers out there, this is the recipe for you. I’ve made this recipe with both whole eggs and egg whites and it turns out perfectly each time. I think the cheese is what really makes this recipe. Really, is there any kind of food that isn’t made better with cheese? Of course you can also customize these as much as you like. Don’t like garlic first thing in the morning? Then don’t add it in. Prefer to have some chopped bacon in the eggs? Add it in. I use these molds (affiliate link) and they’ve worked great. I spray the molds with cooking spray before pouring the egg mixture in to make sure that they come out okay. They’re also dishwasher safe so I just pop them into the top rack of the dishwasher for an easy clean up.

What are some of your favorite easy to make Instant Pot recipes? Share them in the comments below.

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Easy Instant Pot Recipes
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