Today I’m sharing a quick recap of my workouts from the past week. I was all about the Peloton app workouts which has been par for the course for me lately. I’m so glad that a couple people on Instagram encouraged me to try it! It makes working out at home a lot more fun, especially for someone who usually likes to be at the gym or yoga studio for my workouts.


Sunday was an active rest day for me, which meant that I kept my movement pretty easy on purpose. I decided that a quick 20 minute walk was really all I wanted to do, so that’s what I did. It’s important to list to your body and do what your body is letting you know it needs. On Sunday that was taking it easy on the workout front.


I was all about getting back to the tough workout on Monday morning, so I took a 20 minute lower body workout on the Peloton app. It shouldn’t be any surprise that I’m still loving using it to workout from home. You can follow along with the workouts I do on Instagram. It felt like I did a ton of lunges in this workout. They’re really not my favorite lower body exercise, but I stuck with it and did every single rep.

I love that I can get in challenging workouts at home with minimal equipment (I have a treadmill and a pair of adjustable dumbbells). My gym is still closed due to the pandemic and I’m thinking that I’m going to cancel my membership. I feel more comfortable working out at home rather than in a gym. With the Peloton app I have tons of workouts to choose from so I won’t get bored.


On Tuesday I decided to focus on my upper body and did a 35 minute upper body strength workout with Andy Speer on Peloton. He’s definitely my favorite instructor – I’ll be very sad if he ever leaves Peloton! By the time the workout was done my shoulders were burning in a good way. That’s always a sign of a great workout.


I got my cardio in with a 30 minute pop fun walk with Rebecca Kennedy on the Peloton app. The music was a great mix that included Whitney Houston, Madonna, and Cher. It didn’t feel all that hard of a workout with the intervals and incline changes, but it didn’t take very long for me to start sweating. I definitely see myself taking this class again.


I took my second rest day of the week on Thursday. I didn’t sleep great the night before so I figured that the extra sleep was more valuable than another workout.


I ended off the week with a bootcamp workout on the Peloton app. I went with one that focused on the glutes and legs. Shocker: it wasn’t by Andy Speer! I clearly need to spice it up a bit more in terms of instructors.


I’m thinking that today might be another rest day. It’s a long story but I’m not able to eat until I get home from an appointment this afternoon. I think that if I workout this morning I’ll be starving by the time I can get home and eat.

What was your favorite workout from the past week? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

Weekly Workouts
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