Happy Friday to everyone! This week has felt like a busy one for me – in the best possible way. It’s easy for the days to blend into each other with having to make adjustments due to social distancing, but it felt more like a “new normal” this week than it has since March. I’m so grateful for that because there have been some tough days since the pandemic started. Have you started to get into the swing of your new normal too?

Since it’s Friday that means a new Friday Favorites post here on Get Fit Fiona. Even with so much uncertainty and change these posts have become a favorite of mine to write. Things look very different in 2020 than they did in 2019. But I’m still able to find things that I’ve enjoyed or am grateful for. It’s a good reminder that no matter what’s going on there’s always positives to be found if I’m willing to look for them.

Race, Gender, and Bias Workshop

On Tuesday night I was able to take part in an online workshop for yoga teachers and people in the fitness industry. It was all about race, gender, and bias. It was led by Rebby Kern of Rebby Kern Yoga. I had heard about it from a couple different yoga teachers I follow on Instagram. I figured that it would be a great place to start in making sure that my yoga classes are places where participants feel welcome and included. The 200 hour yoga teacher training didn’t touch on any of these very important things, yet it’s so central to the practice of yoga. I’m just now realizing how little my teacher training prepared me for making my yoga classes inclusive – for people of different colors, genders, and abilities.

Rebby has a wait list on her website if you’re interested in taking the same workshop I did. If you’re even considering it I would highly recommend it. It was great to learn and start to make the changes that need to happen. They also have a full weekend workshop online coming up in July if you’d like to take a deep dive into the same topics. I’m considering signing up because I know how much work I have to do. Maybe I’ll see you there if you’re a fellow yoga teacher or fitness professional.

The Vampire Diaries

I watched The Vampire Diaries on and off when it was on TV and then watched the first season or so on Netflix. I wasn’t able to finish it because it got taken off while I was in the middle of it. Thankfully it’s now on Amazon Prime here in Canada. I’ve been binge watching it this week. It’s the perfect thing to have on in the background while I’m doing other things because it doesn’t require too much thought. It’s hard to go wrong with the cheesy and teen angsty goodness. One thing that’s really popped out to me since I started watching is how much phones have changed since season one back in 2009. While it doesn’t feel like all that long ago it definitely was in terms of phones!

Online shopping

I’m seriously grateful that online shopping is a thing right now. I can get just about everything that I need by ordering online, whether that’s groceries or clothes. This week I ordered some new summer clothes. I didn’t have any pants other than a pair of jeans that fit since I’ve lost some weight. I also wanted to get a denim jacket and a couple t-shirts in smaller sizes as well. Out of the 7 things I ordered I only have to return 2. I knew I would have to return at least 2 items. I had bought them in two sizes since I wasn’t sure which ones would fit better. Personally, I don’t feel comfortable shopping in clothing stores yet. Being able to buy what I needed online was great. I managed to snag deals on everything I bought thanks to a 40% off sale. I was really happy with the prices I paid too.

Shipping has been delayed lately with so many more people buying things online, but both of my packages arrived ahead of time. I was really impressed because the shipping estimate was the last week of June/first week of July. If you’re curious, I got this denim jacket (affiliate link), this v-neck t-shirt in olive green (affiliate link), and this crew neck in navy blue (affiliate link). I also got two pairs of these capri’s in black and navy blue.

Do you have any exciting plans for the weekend. I’ll be sticking close to home. Yesterday I started reading an ebook that I borrowed from the library, so I’m hoping to make a dent in that. I’m thinking that reading it in the backyard would be the perfect way to spend an afternoon!

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Friday Favorites
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