Today I’m sharing a few of my favorite things from the past week.

Since I’ve been back to working out at home I decided to dig out my Nuun from my gym bag. I’m pretty sure the last time I used it was back at the beginning of March, the last time I was at the gym. That feels like such a long time ago now.

Since I’ve been doing Peloton workouts at home though I thought it was time to start adding Nuun to my water bottle. I’m working my way through this watermelon flavor and I have to admit that it tastes better than I remember. I think it may have become a new favorite flavor of mine.

I was craving a burger this week but I didn’t really want to leave the house. Thankfully Skip the Dishes exists so in about 45 minutes I had a delicious burger delivered straight to my door.

I ordered a basic beef burger from Cieli’s and a side salad. It was so good and exactly what I was wanting.

Yesterday I met up with my boyfriend and his Bulldog, Winston, for a masked and socially distanced walk. It was so good to see those two. It’s been a few weeks since I last saw either of them. There’s just something about spending time with you favorite people (or dogs) that makes you happy.

I may have spoiled Winston with some treats. All of those wet spots on the concrete are from his drool. He can’t help himself though, it’s a Bulldog thing. He clearly enjoyed the treats.

Since Father’s Day is coming up this weekend my brother and I decided to spoil my dad with food. For breakfast on Father’s Day I picked up some amazing frozen cinnamon buns from Manuel Latruwe. It’s a Belgian bakery in downtown Calgary. I’ve gotten his cinnamon buns before and they’ve been absolutely amazing.

He told us that he wanted to barbecue on Sunday for dinner, so we have burgers, potato salad, chips, and dips planned. For dessert I picked up some of his favorite ice cream from Village Ice Cream. In addition to their regular flavors, every month they come up with a couple limited edition flavors. This month they came up with a Coffee Crisp ice cream. It’s one of my dad’s favorite candy bars, so I knew he would probably love the ice cream too. Even though Village sold out of it for awhile, I managed to snag two pints of it online through their online store. I told him I would bake some brownies for him to have the ice cream with on Sunday for his Father’s Day dinner.

What’s a favorite of yours from the last week? If you’re celebrating Father’s Day with someone special in your life, what are you doing?

Friday Favorites: Nuun + Father’s Day
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