I’m sharing some of the highlights from my weekend today.

I can’t write this post without acknowledging what’s been going on in the world over the past few days. It’s obviously been going on for much longer than that, but it’s coming to a boiling point. It’s heart breaking to see the ways that my fellow humans have and are still being treated.

It can be hard to know what to do when it seems like such a big and overwhelming problem. But things need to change. The status quo can’t continue. Donate if you’re able to. Take action in your community. Educate yourself. There are some great resources on blacklivesmatter.com. This racism and oppression can’t continue.

I don’t think that there’s any good way to segue from that. My weekend was a really nice one. It was a good mix of slowing down to relax and getting some things done around the house like organizing and grocery shopping.

Friday night was pretty low key. I had the last of my leftover barbecued hamburgers for dinner. It’s hard to go wrong with anything cooked on the barbecue.

I had some more of the cookies and cream ice cream I picked up from Village Ice Cream last week. It was so good! Every time I try a new flavor of theirs and think that they can’t possibly be any better, they manage to top it. Cookies and cream is probably my favorite flavor from them so far.

Village is partially open right now. You can order online and then swing by one of their locations for a contactless pick up. They had a great set up when I was there and I had my ice cream in just a few minutes. I love that they’re doing everything they can to keep their employees and customers as safe as possible. If you’re in Calgary and craving some ice cream and the weather heats up, be sure you check them out.

I stayed up too late on Friday night finishing The Gown (affiliate link). Now that I’m done I can say that I 100% recommend it. I loved it from the first page to the very last one. I loved reading the author’s note at the end talking about the real life events that inspired her book.

Saturday morning I did some meal planning and ordered groceries for the upcoming week online. I’m really loving the online ordering system that Save on Foods has set up. They have a great selection and I’ve been able to get next day pick up since I’ve started ordering from them which I’m very grateful for. One of the employees who works there said that back in March when the pandemic was first declared there was a two week wait to have orders filled! The minimum order is $40 so it’s great if you live on your own or don’t need to do a full grocery shop.

I spent Saturday afternoon in the garage working to get it cleaned and organized. I’m definitely not done but it feels good to have made a big dent in it. With big projects like that I can find it tough to just get started when it feels so overwhelming and I’m not sure where to start. Now that I have a good chunk of it already done though I know it’ll be easier to continue working on it and finish.

Saturday night I was feeling pretty lazy which meant that I started reading The Family Next Door (affiliate link) by Sally Hepworth. Within the first few chapters I knew that I was going to like this book just as much as I liked reading The Mother-In-Law (affiliate link). The Family Next Door centers on 4 women who all live on the same street in a suburb in the UK.

I had plans to get up nice and early on Sunday morning to get out for an early walk, but that didn’t happen. Unfortunately I didn’t sleep very well on Saturday night because a thunderstorm came through Calgary at 3 am. I was awake for about 3 hours before I was able to fall back asleep again. Needless to say I ended up pressing snooze a few too many times and wasn’t able to get myself out of bed early enough to get my morning walk in.

Speaking of workouts, I’ve decided that I’m going to join a subscription service for workouts. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I asked for advice on whether I should go with Les Mills or Peloton. I don’t have a Peloton bike, so I’d just be using my treadmill and a pair of adjustable dumbbells that I’ll be borrowing from my boyfriend.

I was leaning towards Les Mills because I’m really missing my Group Power/Body Pump classes at my gym. Even if gyms do open up soon here in Calgary, I think it’ll still be awhile before Group Power classes are back because of all the shared equipment that’s needed for them.

The feedback I’ve gotten on Instagram so far was all in favor of Peloton. They have a 30 day free trial so I’m thinking that I’ll try it out for a month and see what I think. Apparently the filters on the app are great for finding the exact workouts that you’re looking for. You can also sign up to do the same workouts as friends.

If you have any comments on either Les Mills or Peloton be sure to leave them below in the comments. I’d love to know your experiences and which one you prefer.

I was at the grocery store by 8:30 am to pick up the groceries that I had ordered the day before. The parking lot was nearly empty so it must have been quiet inside the store too. From the time I parked, called to let them know that I was there to pick up my order, had it loaded into the trunk of the car and then pulled out of the parking lot, it couldn’t have been more than 5 minutes. It’s so quick and efficient.

The last time I had checked the weather forecast Sunday was supposed to be warm and sunny, but it actually turned out to be a bit rainy, windy, and overcast. I was a bit disappointed because I was looking forward to spending some time reading outside in the backyard. Needless to say that didn’t happen. Instead I spent some time at my desk getting some behind the scenes work done on my blog. It did feel pretty good to get it done even though it wasn’t very exciting to actually do.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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Weekend Highlights
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