Today on the blog I’m sharing some at home workout ideas.

Before I get into today’s at home workout ideas I wanted to share a bit of my day yesterday. About 10 am hit and I was feeling zero motivation with work. I decided that maybe a walk would be a good break so I grabbed my jacket, sunglasses, earphones, and headed out.

The sun felt amazing! Although I was still pretty covered up in jeans and a jacket it felt so good to feel the sunshine on my face. The next few days are looking pretty good weather wise so I’m hoping that means that it’ll be nice enough for shorts and t-shirts.

I live on the west edge of the city so there are some pretty mountain views on clear days. Yesterday was one of those days and the mountains looked so clear. Although I’ve lived in Alberta since the 90’s, the mountains are still so shockingly beautiful to me sometimes. I’m so grateful to live so close to them.

It felt really great to be able to get some movement in mid morning. I was out for about 35 minutes and I think that was exactly the kind of break that I needed. I got away from my computer, enjoyed the sun and views, and listened to an entertaining podcast.

After a couple more hours of work after getting home from my walk I decided that I felt like barbecuing for lunch. I grabbed a couple hot dogs from the fridge and turned on the grill. There’s something about cooking food on the barbecue that just makes it taste so much better, whether it’s hot dogs, ribs, or burgers.

Gyms and studios are still closed here in Calgary. That means lots that all of my workouts have been at home ones. I’m sure other people are in the same boat so I thought I’d share some at home workout ideas in today’s post.

If you’re looking to get a few key pieces of workout equipment to use at home I have some suggestions. Dumbbells (affiliate link) are really versatile. You can do so many different movements with them and they work for both upper and lower body workouts. A yoga mat is also a great idea for any workouts that will require you to be on the floor. I love my Manduka Pro mat (affiliate link). It’s been with me through yoga teacher training and it still looks great.

YouTube workouts

If you have a few pieces of equipment at home (dumbbells, yoga mat, sliders), YouTube is a great option for workouts. There are a ton of options out there from yoga to barre to HIIT workouts. I’ve shared some of my favorite workout channels on YouTube on the blog previously.


Lots of yoga studios here are offering online alternatives to in person classes. I’ve taken some classes at my favorite studio and although it was a bit different doing the class from home I really enjoyed it. Being able to take classes with my favorite teachers, hear their voices, laugh at their bad jokes brings some normalcy to my day.

If supporting your local studio isn’t in your budget right now, there are also lots of options on YouTube. I really like Yoga with Adrienne. If you’re like me and have finicky wrists, check out this post I wrote about wrist free yoga classes.


Just like with yoga studios, my local barre studios are also offering online classes. There are also lots of other online options as well including Barre 3 and Pure Barre. I used to have a Barre 3 subscription which I really loved. You can find my review of Barre 3 Online here.

I love that barre workouts don’t require a lot of equipment. Other than a light set of dumbbells and a yoga mat if you’re working out on a hard surface, you don’t need much. I’ve even done barre workouts with no weights and I’ve still been sore the next day. The little movements might be small, but they’re definitely effective!

Get Fit Fiona at home workouts

I’ve also shared quite a few at home home workouts over the years. You can find them over on my workouts page. The at home workouts are about half way down the page. Most of those workouts either don’t require any equipment or just a few pieces like a pair of dumbbells and yoga mat.

How has your transition from gym and studio workouts to at home workouts gone? What’s your favorite workout to do at home? Favorite food to grill on the barbecue?

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At Home Workout Ideas
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