Today I’m sharing some of my favorite blogging tools that I’m using in 2020.

When I started blogging years ago all I really used was WordPress. Not only is there my website to worry about, but social media is it’s own thing. Add in creating content for the blog and social media and you have your hands full. I’m sharing some of my favorite tools for blogging in 2020 today. Read on to find out what I use on a daily basis to keep everything running smoothly.

You can find some of my other favorites thing (from fitness to beauty) over on my favorites page. I love hearing what brands and products other people are using.



I did a lot of research into which blogging platform I should be using before I started my blog. I’m so glad that I went with WordPress because I can’t imagine using anything else. I don’t particularly enjoy the technical side of blogging, but thankfully with WordPress, I don’t have to worry about it too much. I’ve found that it’s been a very easy platform to work with even though I don’t know a lot about HTML, CSS, or any of that stuff.


I had originally started out with a different hosting company and switched to SiteGround a few years ago. I’m glad I made the switch because SiteGround has been a pleasure to work with. I haven’t had many issues, but when I have their customer support has been super helpful at getting to the bottom of the issue. They’ve been able to explain things to me in terms that I understand. SiteGround has also been great at helping me with troubleshooting.

Social Media



While I’ve only been using Planoly (affiliate link) for about a month now, I can’t believe that I went so long without it! Planoly (affiliate link) is an Instagram scheduler. I’m able to plan out content ahead of time and have it post automatically for my feed. For Instagram stories I have push notifications set up on my phone and when they’re scheduled it only takes a few taps to get them up. It’s so much easier than trying to do everything manually.

I also like that I can get a feel for what my Instagram feed will look like in Planoly. I can move images around in my feed when I’m scheduling them. It’s also nice to be able to upload images to Planoly (affiliate link) and then write a caption and schedule them when I have time later on.


Haute Stock

The visual aspect of blogging and social media has changed so much since I started blogging. While a lot of it used to be text based, now there’s a lot more importance on design and photography. My photography skills in the early days of my blog definitely left something to be desired!

With the importance of Instagram and Pinterest these days, I knew I had to make sure that the Get Fit Fiona brand grew with it. That meant decided to take advantage of stock photos that I felt represented my brand that I though my readers could relate to. After a lot of googling and researching I decided to go with Haute Stock (affiliate link).

Haute Stock has an amazing library of stock photos with a new collection released every single Monday. They’re marketed to women so it’s great to have stock photography that I can use on my blog that that works with my branding and colors. I’ve been using Haute Stock (affiliate link) for years now and I’m so grateful that I found them. I use it on an almost daily basis from blog graphics to social media posts.


The last thing on my list of tools is Canva (affiliate link). I don’t use Photo Shop so Canva has been such an essential tool for me to create eye catching graphics on my blog as well as social media posts. It’s extremely easy to learn how to use. I was able to teach myself and within a week I felt like I had a good grasp of it. If there’s ever been anything that I wasn’t sure how to do, all I needed to do was a quick google search and I’ve had my question answered pretty quickly. There are tons of tutorials and courses out there because Canva (affiliate link) is so popular.

If you’re a blogger too, what are some of your favorite tools for blogging in 2020?

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Tools for Blogging 2020
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