In this post I’m sharing some books I’m loving, April 2020 edition. The last time I wrote a post like this was back in January.

With all of the guidelines to stay home as much as possible lately, it’s definitely helped with getting in more reading. On one hand I have more time, but on the other hand it can also be a struggle to concentrate on a book. I’ve been very grateful to have read some really great books over the last month or two so that’s helped. Read on to find out about some of my favorite books from April 2020.

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If I had a choice between fiction and non-fiction, I’ll almost always go with non-fiction. I’m really glad that I read the one non-fiction book recently though. I liked it a lot more than I thought I would.

Catch and Kill

I’ve only read one non-fiction book over the last few months, and that was Catch and Kill (affiliate link) by Ronan Farrow. I was actually finishing it up on the day that Harvey Weinstein was sentenced. While I knew the basic facts about what happened, reading the book really opened my eyes. So many people helped Weinstein get away with sexual assault and the cover up afterwards. At times it felt like he would get away with it all because he had so much power and money at his disposal. If you’re at all interested in how things unraveled, I highly recommend you check out Catch and Kill.

Beach reads

With everything going on right now with the pandemic, some lighter, easier to read books were a must for me. I read two beach reads over the last few months and enjoyed every single word of them. This genre of book has been growing on me lately. It’s definitely some of the books that I’ve enjoyed most in this round up over the last few months.

No Judgements

First up, I read No Judgments (affiliate link) by Meg Cabot. It was exactly what I’ve come to expect from Meg Cabot. I love her books because they’re quick to read and don’t require much thought. It’s fun to just enjoy reading them even if you know where the plot is headed.

The main character is an animal lover, so there were lots of animals throughout the book which was also a nice surprise. As with most of Meg’s books there was a romance story line so that was fun to read as well.

Beautiful Day

My other beach read that I’ve read recently was Beautiful Day (affiliate link) by Elin Hilderbrand. It was actually the first book by Elin that I’ve read, though I’ve heard lots of good things about her online. I’m glad that I wasn’t disappointed!

Beautiful Day is about a wedding that’s happening on Nantucket. It follows a few different family members as they get ready for the big day. As usual, families can get complicated and this family is no different. I almost felt like Nantucket was it’s own character in this book, kind of like New York City in Sex and the City. I really enjoyed the descriptions of the beaches and landmarks of Nantucket.


Thrillers have slowly been growing on me over the past few years, so it’s no suprise that I read and enjoyed one since January.

The Silent Patient

The Silent Patient (affiliate link) by Alex Michaelides was one of those books that I had a hard time putting down whenever I’d start to read it. That doesn’t usually happen very often with me, so I was excited to experience that with this book.

The Silent Patient follows the case of Alicia, a woman who’s been accused of shooting and murdering her husband. Since it happened she has refused to speak a word to anyone. She’s sent to a psychiatric hospital after the trial. The book is told from the point of view of one of her doctors, Theo Faber. I loved the way the story unfolded, with alternating viewpoints from Theo and Alicia’s journals.

Historical Fiction

If you’ve read my blog for any amount of time then you’ll know that I’m a big fan of historical fiction. I love the blending of the two, and I really enjoyed this genre with the below book.

The Alice Network

I had The Alice Network (affiliate link) on hold at my library for quite awhile before I got to read it. It was well worth the wait though because I really enjoyed reading it. There’s something about the combination of learning about history as well as enjoying some great characters that I love.

The Alice Network follows a small group of young female spies in France who report back to the British military. Because they’re women they’re not the usual people you would think of when it comes to being spies. As a result they’re able to get into situations that others wouldn’t be able to. I found it really interesting to be able to learn more about the role the female spies played in both world wars. I had no idea that they even existed let alone played such a vital role in getting intelligence.

The Alice Network covers both world wars, so it was interesting to see both of those story lines come together at the end of the book. The author wrote a bit at the end about what parts of the book were true. I wasn’t expecting as much of the book to be true as it was.

Now that you know about some of my favorite books of April 2020, I’ve love to hear about some of your favorites. Leave me some book recommendations in the comments below.

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Books I’m Loving: April 2020
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