How is February just about over already? I know January felt long, but how is it March in just a few days? Hopefully the spring like weather comes soon – I’m ready to be done with the snow and cold weather for another year. Today I’m sharing a few of the highlights of my February.

Teaching yoga

My first round of classes that started in January and ran until last week are over. It’s hard to believe that they’ve already come and gone so quickly. I’m excited to be offering more classes in Calgary starting next month. I’ll be teaching the following on Saturdays:

  • Yoga for bigger bodies
  • Yin yoga
  • Restorative yoga

I focus on providing a relaxing and rejuvenating experience during yoga classes – I want you to leave feeling better than when you walked into class. If you’re looking for yoga classes that allow you to take some time for yourself to relax, then I’m your yoga teacher. If you’re wanting a fast paced, super sweaty workout, there are so many other great yoga teachers in Calgary that can provide that for you better than I can.

I pride myself on creating a judgement free space for yoga classes. There won’t be any judgement coming from me about what your shape or size is or what poses look like – they end up looking a bit different on everyone anyways.

Interested in learning more about my yoga classes? Be sure to bookmark this page for my teaching schedule and sign up for my yoga email list where you’ll get the latest updates on when and where I’m teaching.

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day was pretty fun this year. I got spoiled by my boyfriend with some of my favorite Lindt chocolates. It’s not hard to make me happy when there’s chocolate involved! It’s not hard to make me happy when there’s chocolate involved!

I baked him and his dog some treats. My boyfriend got sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting while Winston got peanut butter dog treats. Both the cookies and the dog treats were hits.


I’ve been pretty open that fitness has been a struggle this month. I’ve felt tired and weaker than usual, and when that’s the case more often than not at the gym, it’s hard to talk myself into going. I’ve been trying to give myself some grace though, but some days it’s hard. I know that last month I was lifting heavier so it’s hard to know that I’m not where I was before. It’s just frustrating that I’m still not feeling 100%.

On the bright side though, I am feeling better than I was two weeks ago. Right now I’m doing 3 or 4 Group Power classes at my gym for strength training with some yoga and cardio sprinkled in on the days in between. I may not know when I’ll be feeling back at my best, but I’m still showing up right now and that’s what matters.

Any tips on getting out of a workout rut? I would love to hear them! What was the best part of your February?

Life Lately: February 2020
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