Today I’m sharing some tips on how to workout when it’s tough to fit it into a busy schedule.

Workout first thing in the morning

If you’re anything like me, it’s hard to get a workout in if I leave it for later on in the day. Things pop up, my day gets busier, and it gets harder and harder to make the time for a workout. I find that mornings are generally a bit less chaotic and if I’m going to get myself to the gym, it’s most likely going to happen before lunch.

Make your health and wellness a priority

If working out isn’t something that’s important to you, it won’t happen. It’s that cut and dry. When you’re busy and trying to get as much done as you can during your day, it’s easy to not do the things that aren’t a priority for you.

Spend some time thinking or journaling (or even both!) about why your fitness is important to you. Get clear on why it’s something that you’re prepared to put time and effort into. Once you have those clear motivations why it’s important, you’ll be more likely to follow through and get your workouts done.

Workout with a friend

If it’s tough to be accountable to yourself and get workouts in when you say you’re going to, make plans to meet a friend at the gym. I know that I’m much less likely to cancel on a friend when I know that they’re making the effort to meet me at the gym or yoga studio. Sometimes all it takes is that little extra bit of motivation to get into my workout clothes and get out the door.

Schedule workouts into your calendar

When I’m planning out my week on Sunday’s, I always make sure to add in my workouts – from group fitness classes (like Group Power), to yoga classes, to cardio workouts. If I’m going to be active 4 or 5 times per week, then I’ll have 4 or 5 workouts scheduled into my week.

I treat the workouts that I schedule into my day planner as non-negotiable – just like I would if it were a meeting or an appointment. It definitely took some time to develop that mindset, but I’m so glad that I did now because I know that if it’s on my calendar I’m most likely going to do it.

Have a fitness goal to work towards

I have a lot more motivation to workout when I know that my workouts is working towards something. Having a fitness goal makes each workout feel like it’s contributing to a goal that’s bigger than just getting to the gym that day.

Whether that’s training for a 10K or increasing your chest press PR, it’s important to have bigger goals to work towards to keep you motivated and getting to the gym. Interested in learning more about making fitness goals that you’ll achieve? Check out my blog post here all about it.

Plan ahead

Another thing that’s been a game changer for me has been looking ahead and making it as easy as possible to workout. That might mean packing my gym bag the night before so it’s ready to go with me in the morning or packing a change of clothes for the gym later on in the day if I have an early appointment.

Under Armor Gym Bag

Making it as easy on myself to be successful is the trick for me. If I have to pack up my gym bag in the morning when I’m already in a hurry, it’s one more hurdle for me to get over before I can go to the gym.

How do you workout consistently when you’re busy? Share your tip in the comments below.

How to Workout Consistently When You’re Busy
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