Today I’m sharing a recap of my workouts and meals from the past week. I always like seeing what other people are doing for workouts and what they’re eating, so I figure I’m not the only one.


I have to start off my saying that it was a bit of a blah week for my workouts. I just didn’t feel like I had the same energy that I usually do, and lifting the same weights just felt harder than usual. I started to feel better by the end of the week though, so I’m glad that my workout rut didn’t last for too long.


I spent my Sunday morning at the gym taking a Group Power class (to find out what Group Power is all about, read this post). The instructor was great at bringing the energy to an early Sunday morning class. She definitely got me working harder than I would have otherwise.


I was back at Group Power again on Monday. This workout still didn’t feel like my best one, but I still pushed through it and got it done.


I figured it was time for a rest day since I didn’t feel great during my workout the day before.


I slept terribly on Tuesday night – I just couldn’t fall asleep. So when my alarm went off on Wednesday morning I promptly turned it off and rolled back over to get in some more sleep. I typically don’t do two rest days in a row, but I feel like I needed it this week.


I was back at the gym on Thursday with my third Group Power class of the week. Thankfully this one felt the best out of the three classes I took this week so I was happy about that.


I spent some time on the elliptical to finish off my work work. Cardio used to be my go to workout, but now it’s something that I only get in once or twice a week. I’m definitely not listening to as many podcasts as a result!



My usual breakfast is a protein smoothie. I blend together frozen berries, plain Greek yogurt, protein powder, and a splash of water. This (affiliate link) is my go to protein powder. It’s a good price and tastes good. It’s a really fast breakfast that holds me over until dinner time.


Earlier this week I went out to lunch with my dad to one of his favorite burger places. He was craving it so we made it happen. I ordered the mushroom and Swiss burger at South Street. It was really good and I would definitely order it again. There’s something about having the Swiss cheese on that made it taste really good.

Most lunches look like this one. If I don’t have leftover to eat from the night before then I’ll usually combine a few things from the fridge. This day I went with a couple slices of salami, a piece of toast with margarine, a couple hard boiled egg whites, coleslaw, and a chunk of cheddar cheese. It wasn’t a very exciting meal but it hit the spot.


Tacos happened on Wednesday night and they were really good. This photo is actually of leftovers the next day, but you get the idea. I decided to skip the taco shells and go right for the good stuff – the taco meat and toppings! I added cheddar cheese, tomatoes, olives, and salsa.

How to you get out of a workout funk? Favorite meal you made this week?

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Weekly Workouts + Meals: Workout Rut + Tacos
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