This week has absolutely flown by for me. Did that happen for anyone else? On the bright side I got a ton done and it was a super productive week. It’s amazing how much I can get done when I focus. Of course it also helped that it was a short week thanks to the holiday Monday.

I don’t have much planned for the weekend yet. I’ll see my boyfriend at some point and I may pop into yoga teacher training as well. We’ll see how it goes. Do you have anything fun planned?

Before I get into my favorite things today I wanted to share about my workout yesterday.

I took a Group Power class at my gym. Two of my favorite instructors were teaching so I was excited to take the class with them. There’s just something about the energy that they bring to class that’s contagious. It was a better workout than I’ve had in the past two weeks so that felt really good. That first good workout back that feels good after a bit of a fitness or workout rut always feels that much better. I left the gym feeling tired and sweaty.

And now onto my favorite things from the past week!

South Street Mushroom and Swiss Burger

I ended up at South Street a day this week for lunch. I decided to order the mushroom and Swiss burger. It was seriously delicious – definitely something that I would get again. The mushrooms and Swiss cheese went together perfectly. I opted for a brown but instead of white and it was also pretty good.

Catch and Kill

I had this book on hold at the library, and I finally got to the top of the list. I’ve followed Ronan Farrow’s interviews, but there’s only so much you can fit into a 10 or 15 minute interview.

Catch and Kill (affiliate link) tells the story of some very brave women in Hollywood who came forward after being sexually assaulted by Harvey Weinstein. Reading Catch and Kill right now is a bit surreal because the jury in his trial is currently in deliberations right now.

Boy Bands & Pop 90’s 00’s playlist on Spotify

I discovered a new playlist on Spotify this week. It’s the perfect combination of 90’s and 00’s boy band cheesiness. There were actually a few songs on the playlist that I didn’t recognize or remember, but the ones that I did remember, I knew nearly every single word. How do lyrics from so long ago get so stuck in my head? I have no idea.

If you graduated in the late 90’s or early 00’s like I did, I’m pretty sure you’ll like this playlist. It brought back so many memories for me from back then. It’s hard to believe that it’s been so long ago already.

What’s a favorite thing of yours from the past week? What was a band you liked in high school?

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Friday Favorites: A Really Good Burger + What I’m Currently Reading
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