I hope everyone had a good Valentine’s Day weekend – it’s kind of nice that it fell on a Friday this year. My weekend was a pretty good one. It was a nice mix of being out doing things and laying low at home.

I headed to the gym on Friday to start off my weekend with a Group Power class. We’re still doing the January 2020 release. I’ve done it enough times now that I have a good handle on the different exercises we do.

On Friday I headed out to my boyfriend’s place. We ended up deciding to go for an early dinner at Vagabond. I ordered the chicken and a side salad. I think the mozzarella cheese on the chicken is what made it taste so good.

When we got back to my boyfriend’s place he surprised me with a chocolate covered praline cake for Valentine’s Day. He got it at a Belgian bakery downtown. They make the best pastries and desserts, so I knew that it was going to be delicious.

I made cookies for my boyfriend and I didn’t want to leave his dog out, so I made some peanut butter dog treats for Winston too. He was waiting to try a couple in this photo. They smell really peanut butter-y so I’m sure he could smell them.

On Saturday I listened to a podcast called She Thrives Radio for the first time. Taylor Gage, the host interveiwed Maris Deneger. If you’re not familiar with Maris, she was in a documentary about yoga on Netflix called I Am Maris.

Maris is also a yoga teacher and it much wiser than her years. I really enjoyed listening to her interview. If you want to get a good overview of Maris’ story I highly recommend watching the documentary.

I picked up these cookies on Friday and they ended up being really good. They’re plain on one side and chocolate covered on the other side. They’re really good.

Sunday morning I took another Group Fitness class at my gym. Saturday wasa rest day for me so it felt really good to get back to it and move. I did the January 2020 bonus track for the first time and I ended up really liking it.

I spent the rest of Sunday getting some cleaning and blogging done. None of it was very exciting but it had to happen.

What was the highlight of your weekend? Share it in the comments below.

Weekend Highlights: Valentine’s Day + Workouts
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