This past weekend was a really fun one for me. Between a date night on Friday and puppy yoga on Sunday it was a great weekend.

I wanted to check out a used bookstore on Friday to see if they had some books that I was looking for. I’m planning on doing a yoga book club in the coming months, so I wanted to get a few books for that as well as check to see if they had some yoga philosophy books that I wanted to get. Eat, Pray, Love (affiliate link) will be a yoga book club book.

I’ve heard lots of good things about Meditations from the Mat (affiliate link), so I got that too. I’ve started reading it, and I’m really liking how short each day’s reading it. The last book I picked up was Yoga Mala (affiliate link) by Pattabhi Jois, the founder of ashtanga yoga.

They ended up having three of the books that I was looking for. Because I had a credit from selling them some books a few years ago, I only paid %7 for all three of them. I ended up getting an even better deal than I thought I would.

Friday night I spent with my boyfriend. We walked over to Vagabond for dinner. I ordered the chicken and side salad. It’s hard to go wrong with anything that comes with cheese and guacamole.

After dinner we walked over to pick up my boyfriend’s dog, Winston, from daycare. He was pretty excited to see us when they brought him out. He was also very tired though. Running around with all other dogs always wears him out. He’s pretty stubborn about admitting when he’s tired though, so by the time we got back to my boyfriend’s place he got a second wind of energy and had fun playing with the new toy that I brought him.

It’s not very often I get to see a sleepy Winston. He has a hard time sleeping when I’m there because he has a major case of FOMO and doesn’t want to miss out on anything.

I split one of these lemon radlers on Friday and really liked it. I still like the original grapefruit the best, but it was a nice change. I would definitely buy it again.

Saturday night a storm blew into Calgary and brought with it strong winds, a bunch of snow, and low visibility. Thankfully I didn’t have to leave the house, but when I woke up on Sunday I was met with a bunch of fresh snow on the ground.

It would have been really easy to just skip the gym because of the snow, but I went and I’m really glad that I got in my workout. I always feel better afterwards.

I took a 60 minute Group Power class. The instructor brought a lot of great energy to this morning’s class. The gym was actually pretty quiet, so it was a nice treat.

Sunday afternoon I headed to the Yoga Shala for a karma class that involved puppies!

All the donations were benefitting ARF, who brought a bunch of puppies who are available for adoption. They were a litter of 10 puppies who all had Star Wars names. It was a sold out class with over 40 yogis. One of the volunteers told me that she was surprised how calm the puppies were with all the people – apparently yoga was good for them too!

I was definitely distracted by all the fluff balls and took advantage of them wandering by to get in some pets. I even got a bunch of kisses from one of them at the end of class when I was in savasana. This was my third puppy/dog yoga class that I’ve been to so far and I have to admit that I think it was my favorite.

This coming week should be less busy than the last one which I’m grateful for. It felt like I was constantly on the go. I have a bunch of blog things that I want to get done this week, so I’m going to have to be pretty focused if I want to get my to do list done.

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Weekend Highlights: Book Shopping + Puppy Yoga
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