As usual for Saturdays here on Get Fit Fiona, I’ll be recapping my workouts and meals. It was a pretty good week for both workouts and meals. I actually went to a yoga class, which I haven’t done in awhile – I typically practice at home these days. I also ate some pretty tasty food, so no complaints there either.



I started out my week with a Group Power class. It was the first time that we were doing the January 2020 release at our gym so it was a very full class which was great to see.

I was definitely ready for a new set of music and exercises, so it came at the perfect time. It always takes me a couple classes to get the hang of a new release, but it’s a good thing because it makes me pay attention to what I’m doing.


I had to go to a walk in clinic on Monday morning so I wasn’t able to get to my usual Group Power class at the gym. I was hoping that if I got there right when they started taking walk in patients I wouldn’t have to wait for too long, but I ended up sitting in the waiting room for an hour and twenty minutes still. Oh well, I tried my best and took Monday as a rest day instead.


I was back at the gym early on Tuesday morning for some cardio. I hopped on the elliptical for 30 minutes for some steady state cardio. I covered just over 3.5 miles in 30 minutes. I then headed to the track for my cool down.


I finally took a yoga class at my gym. I think the last time I did yoga there was last fall – so over a year ago. It honestly wasn’t my favorite class, but it was a sub so I think I’ll be back to the Wednesday morning yoga class to see what it’s like with the usual teacher.

I was talking to one of the other participants on my way out of the class and she said that the teacher who usually teaches it comes from an Iyengar background, so I’m definitely looking forward to trying it out!

Since I didn’t feel like I didn’t get much of a workout in I headed upstairs for some steady state cardio after the yoga class. I spent 30 minutes on the elliptical followed by a cool down on the track.


I was back at Group Power on Thursday for my second go at the new release. It was another great workout and I left the class covered in sweat.


I did my third Group Power class of the week on Friday morning. The first time I did the January 2020 release I wasn’t a huge fan of using the bar (with no plates) during the recovery track, but now that I’ve done it a few times, it’s growing on me.


As usual I started out my week by hard boiling some eggs. They’re the perfect thing to have in the fridge as a protein rich snack or to add to a meal to top out my protein. It’s so easy for me to automatically go for carbs when I’m feeling snacky, so having the eggs ready to eat makes it easy to get some some extra protein.

I used the air fryer one night to cook up some chicken nuggets. I used a recipe from Budget Bytes and they turned out perfect once again. I paired the chicken nuggets with some steamed broccoli that I made in the Instant Pot.

I had a couple lunches similar to the one below this week. I had chicken, Brussels sprouts steamed in the Instant Pot, a couple of egg whites, and a piece of toast with margarine on it. They weren’t the most impressive meals but they were tasty and filled me up.

On Thursday night I made a pizza with my dad. He had gotten the pizza crust at the Italian store in a little town just west of Calgary. I ran out to the grocery store to get toppings and we decided on a pepperoni and green olive pizza. It was really good.

I also cooked up some mild Italian sausages with bell peppers and onion. I haven’t had that meal in awhile and it tasted really good even though it was really easy to make.

Since the sausages were frozen I just put them in the Instant Pot to cook and they were done pretty quickly, so I added them into the pan with the bell peppers and onion to brown a bit.

What was your favorite workout and meal this week? Share them in the comments below.

Weekly Workouts + Meals: Yoga + Chicken Nuggets
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