Happy Friday – the weekend is almost here! This week has been a busy one so I’m looking forward to some down time this weekend and catching up with a friend for coffee on Sunday. I hope you have some fun stuff on the agenda too for the next few days.

And now onto some of my favorite things!

Pop Corners White Cheddar Chips

I’m pretty sure I’ve eaten these before, but I honestly can’t remember what I thought of them. I actually bought them a few weeks ago but didn’t open the bag until a few days ago.

They were delicious and just what I needed when I was craving something savory and crunchy. White cheddar can sometimes have a fake taste to it, but I didn’t find that with these. I’ll definitely be buying them again.

Heated underground parkades

With the cold snap that’s been hovering over Calgary since the beginning of the week, it’s been pretty miserable. The temperatures have been in the -30’s C (-22 F), and with the windchill it was -41 C (–41 F) yesterday morning. That’s “wearing two pairs of gloves and making sure that the block heater in your car is plugged in so that it’ll start” weather. Needless to say I’ve been spending as little time as possible outside. Thankfully it’s supposed to warm up over the weekend and by Monday it’s going to be just above the freezing point. I don’t think that temperature will ever feel as warm as it will next week!

I usually park on the street when I’m downtown and avoid the parkades because they’re always more expensive. This week though I splurged and paid way more than I usually do to park in a heated underground parkade. To be completely honest it was so worth it despite paying more for it. I didn’t have to clean any snow off my car and it was nice and warm when I came back to it. I didn’t even have to worry about it starting. I’m pretty sure I got one of the last parking spots down there, so I’m grateful I got there when I did. If there was ever a time to splurge on a heated and protected parking spot, it was this week with the cold snap.

Breakfast at Gruman’s

On Thursday morning I was just south of downtown, so I made plans with my boyfriend to meet up for breakfast. We decided to go to Gruman’s because it was close and didn’t require much of a walk in the cold.

We were rewarded for venturing into the cold with a delicious breakfast. I went with the three cheese omelette, a couple potato latkes, and some multi grain toast. It was all really good. I don’t think I’d ever ordered the omelette before, but it was better than I thought it was going to be.

What’s a favorite of yours from the past week? Share it in the comments below.

Friday Favorites: Chips + Heated Parkades
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