Happy first Friday of 2020! I hope that the holidays were good to you this time around and life is starting to get back to normal after all the excitement. I’m actually looking forward to getting back into my usual routine. I’m definitely a creature of habit, so as much fun as the holidays are, I’ll be glad when I know what day of the week it is.

As usual for Fridays here on Get Fit Fiona, I’ll be sharing my favorite things from the past week. Before I get into that though, here’s some details about my workout from yesterday.

Group Power Workout

I took my very first Group Power class of 2020! It felt so good to be back at it strength training yesterday morning. A few of the group fitness classes were cancelled this week due to the holidays, so I really enjoyed being able to take a class yesterday. Being a part of a group fitness class is really nice on those days when I’m just not feeling the motivation myself to really push and work as hard as I know I could.

It was a great class with one of my favorite instructors leading us through the workout. She always brings so much energy and enthusiasm whenever she teaches. For some reason the lunges were feeling really good – which is a good thing because there were a lot of them in this release.

And now onto my Friday Favorites!

Little Women

With the new film adaptation of Little Women coming out, I knew that I wanted to read the book (affiliate link) again before I went to see the movie. I’m about halfway through so far.

It’s one of those books that I can read over and over again and still enjoy it. Every time I read it I end up finding something new that I missed previous times. I’ve heard good things about the movie so I’m looking forward to seeing it once I’ve finished re-reading the book.

Christmas Treats

I may have gone a bit overboard this year with the Christmas baking. I ended up making more than I thought I did. Needless to say we have a ton of leftovers. Some of it has gone into the freezer (cookies) to be pulled out later, and the things like the nuts and chocolate will eventually be eaten over the next few weeks.

Most of these things that I made I only make for the Christmas holidays. I only ever make Chex mix, shortbread cookies, gingerbread cookies, and peanut butter chocolate bars once a year. Only having them during Christmas is probably what makes them taste so good when I do bake them.

A walk in Bowmont

Earlier this week I went for a walk in Bowmont. Bowmont is a beautiful park near me that backs onto the Bow River. I’m so lucky to have such a beautiful spot so close to where I love.

I went with my dad and it was really nice to spend some time with him outdoors, taking in the beautiful scenery. It’s so easy to let the holidays get really busy with get togethers and making sure everything is ready for a ‘perfect’ holiday, but it felt good to take an hour out of the day and just be outside spending time together. It’s definitely something that I want to do more of in 2020.

Now that you know a few of my favorite things, share one or two of yours in the comments below. I’d love to hear them.

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Friday Favorites: Reading Little Women + Bowmont