Another weekend has flown by and it’s already Monday! I have no idea how weekends always seem to go by in a flash, no matter what I’m doing. This past weekend was all about yoga teacher training, spending time with my boyfriend, and eating delicious things.

I started off my weekend with a Group Power class at my gym. I decided to increase my weight for the squat track, and my muscles definitely felt it! I’m still sore today. It’s been awhile since my legs have felt this sore, so it was a good reminder to get out of my comfort zone more often and lift heavier. I spent some time foam rolling last night in an effort to deal with my sore quads and hamstrings.

Never taken a Group Power class? Check out this post to find out what it’s all about.

I spent Friday night at home. I knew that the rest of the weekend was going to be busy, so I thought getting some work done on the blog would be a good idea since I wouldn’t have much time to do it otherwise.

Sitting at my desk Friday night involved pajamas and these super cozy socks that my dad got me for my birthday. Not only are they cozy, but they’re also lined, so they’re warm and cozy. I have a feeling I’m going to be enjoying them a lot all winter long. My feet have a tendency to get cold, so I’ll be getting a lot of use out of them.

I also had the last half cupcake of the Crave cupcakes that I got for my birthday. Although Crave has been around Calgary for 15 or so years, this was the first time I’d had a cupcake from them. It’s clearly taken me awhile to eat my very first Crave cupcake! The wait was definitely worth it though – the cupcakes were all delicious and definitely something that I would splurge on in the future.

Saturday morning I made my way downtown to go to yoga teacher training. Since I completed the training in the spring, I’m able to come back when I want to brush up on what I learned the first time around. So on Saturday I went in to refresh my memory on meditation.

Between asana (poses), pranayama (breathing), and meditation, meditation is definitely the part of yoga that I struggle with the most. It’s definitely gotten better over the last few years, but it’s still a work in progress. It was great to learn more about it this weekend. Are you interested in starting a meditation practice? Check out this post and this post to get started.

After my morning at yoga teacher training I headed over to my boyfriend’s place. We decided to go to Gruman’s for lunch, where I ordered the reuben. It was delicious as usual and I think it might be my favorite thing on the menu. The sandwich is jam packed with pastrami so I never leave hungry. I forgot my phone when we went for lunch so unfortunately I don’t have a photo of my meal.

My boyfriend got his Bulldog, Winston some winter booties for when it gets cold and icy this winter. We put them on Winston for the first time and he wasn’t a big fan of them. It took two of us to put them on (one to hold him and the other to put the booties on). There were also some treats involved in getting him to stay still.

We didn’t leave the condo, but Winston still have two booties off within a few minutes. Next time we’ll have to put them on tighter and make sure we keep an eye on them while we’re out walking so that we don’t lose any. Hopefully he’ll appreciate them when it’s cold and snowy outside. Last winter he hated his winter coat, but this year he seems to have embraced it, so there’s hope for the booties.

Sunday morning I headed back to yoga teacher training to learn about yoga philosophy. We covered the different kinds of yoga (karma, jnana, bhakti, and raja). We had some really good conversations, and even though we didn’t cover as much as I think the teacher wanted, I know I learned a lot.

After spending the morning at teacher training, I got some errands done before heading home. It’s always surprising how quickly errands pile up and before you know it it takes a few hours to get them all done.

For dinner on Sunday we made some homemade chicken fried rice in the Instant Pot. It turned out so good, and I know that we’ll end up using this recipe again.

This week is gearing up to be a busy one for me, but full of good things. I have a couple fun workouts scheduled and I’ll be putting the finishing touches on some yoga classes that I’ll be offering in the new year.

What was a highlight of your weekend? Share about it in the comments below.

Weekend Highlights: Yoga Teacher Training + Birthday Cupcakes