Today I’m sharing some cute clothes that I’ve found online.

When it starts to get colder and the days get shorter I’m all about the warm cozy layers and darker colors – which is definitely reflected in the pieces I’m sharing today. I’m all about layering. I’m always cold (especially my hands and feet), so I’d rather have to take a layer or two off rather than wishing I had a sweater to put on.

I love the look of this sweater (affiliate link) from Banana Republic – not only would it keep me warm but I love the look of the stripes. I think they make it look a bit more put together.

Speaking of sweaters, I love the cables and buttons on this one (affiliate link) from the Gap.

It would look cute with a pair of jeans and like in the photo above and some booties. I can see it being the perfect outfit for a cold winter day.

On the work front, I’m really liking the look of this blue velvet blazer (affiliate link). It’s professional but still adds a little bit of style and interest. It would be super cute with a button down shirt and a skirt.

Green is one of my favorite colors to wear (it looks really good on me with my dirty blonde hair and fair skin), so when I saw this shirt (affiliate link), I instantly knew that I wanted to include it in today’s post.

I love the pleats in the front, the gathers at the wrists, the open collar, and of course the color. It would be really cute with an a line black skirt and a blazer.

Because not everything can be dark during the fall, I wanted to add a bit of color to the clothes I included in this post with this shirt.

This top (affiliate link) from Loft would be really cute with a pair of skinny jeans. Top if off with a pair of booties and a barbour jacket and that would be a super cute outfit.

I’m usually not one to like animal prints all that much, but this sweater (affiliate link) would be so perfect for a cozy day at home on the couch or a laid back Sunday morning at the coffee shop with the newspaper.

On those cooler fall days when you just want to be cozy, this vest (affiliate link) from Patagonia would do the trick. As with anything from Patagonia, it’s definitely an investment, but I could see myself getting a lot of wear out of it with all the cold weather we get here in the fall and winter.

I have a very similar pullover to this one (affiliate link) and I absolutely love it. You can see the one that I have here. This blue/green one is actually on sale right now so if you’ve been thinking of getting something similar, take advantage of the lower price.

I’m all about the warm winter coats (we have a lot of winter here in Calgary), so I’m always attracted to the longer coats will keep me extra warm with it’s windy and snowy outside.

This one (affiliate link) from Banana Republic has that classic look to it that I really like. Plus it’s a navy blue instead of black which helps to add a little bit of color to my winter wardrobe.

I’m one of those people who prefers comfort over looks when it comes to shoes, and these booties (affiliate link) look like they’d be both comfy and cute with that low heel. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a pair of uncomfortable shoes for an entire day when I’m out.

They’re another thing that’s on sale right now, so if you’re looking for a pair of water resistant booties, it would definitely be worth it to have a look at them.

Do you have any go to fall/winter pieces that you love? I’m all about the layering pieces that I can add warmth to my outfits if I need it.

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Cute Clothes: November 2019