Happy Friday! Did you have fun with all the Halloween festivities yesterday? I gave out glow sticks to everyone who came to our door. I’m always the designated person to give out candy – I love seeing all the costumes. I may not have kids but I still definitely enjoy Halloween. What did you do for Halloween if you celebrate it?

Before I get into my post for today I wanted to share my workout from yesterday. I had signed up for a Group Power class at my gym so it was all about the barbell and plates.

I’ve been dealing with a sore back/shoulders the last few days so I tried to avoid using the barbell across the back of my shoulders as much as possible. Instead I used plates in each hand or I hugged a plate to my chest, depending on the exercise we were doing. It was actually pretty easy to modify which was a nice surprise.

It was a great workout, just like Group Power usually is. I worked hard, was a sweaty mess by the time I was done, and was so tired! It’s a good thing that the class is only an hour long. I don’t think I would have been able to go for much longer.

As usual for Fridays I’ll be sharing some of my favorite things from the past week. Here are my Friday favorites for this week:


Like I mentioned above, I’m all about Halloween. I dressed up in my Hogwarts robes to answer the door last night and some of the kids were surprised to see an adult dressed up. There’s something about dressing up and pretending to be different than you usually are that’s fun.

I love scary movies (particularly super cheesy ones from the 70’s and 80’s that are more funny than scary), so I’ve been watching a lot of them over the past few weeks. Here are some of my all time favorites:

  • Halloween 1 (1978) and 2 (1981). If you’re going to watch any of the Halloween movies you have to go with the first two original movies with Jamie Lee Curtis.
  • Friday the 13th (1980). This is another one of those classic horror movies from the 80’s. I’ve lost track of how many of them they’ve made, but it’s definitely at least 10 of them.
  • The Amityville Horror (1979). If you’re a haunted house fan be sure to check out this one. There have been a bunch of Amityville movies, but my favorite is still the original one from the late 70’s.

Do you have a favorite horror movie? I’m always looking for suggestions.

Catching up with a former co-worker

Ever had those co-workers that you just connect with and have lots of fun working with? I had a co-worker like that for a few years before I left that job in 2015 to go back to school. The last time I saw her was 2015.

I ended up being able to spend a few minutes with her earlier this week to catch up. It was the first time I’d seen her since 2015, and although it’s been a few years we picked up right where we left off. It was great to catch up and hear how she’s doing. It made my day.

The Home for Unwanted Girls

I started this book last month, but because it was an ebook from the library I had to return it before I was able to finish reading it. I put it on hold again and I recently got to the top of the list and was able to borrow it again.

The Home for Unwanted Girls (affiliate link) follows and mother who was forced to place her daughter for adoption in 1950’s Quebec. It follows the journeys of both mother and daughter. I’m not finished reading it yet but the more I read, the more I like it.

Interested in knowing what else I’ve been reading? Check out my book page. I love hearing what other people are reading, so I thought I’d put all the books I’ve enjoyed all in one place.

What was the coolest Halloween costume you saw this week?

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Friday Favorites: Halloween + Catching Up