Today I’m catching up on what’s been happening during the month of October.

Being a business owner

A big thing that I’ve had going on this month has been working on my yoga business. To be completely, as excited as I am to be getting it off the ground, it’s also very scary. On one hand It’s great to be my own boss because I can make all the decisions, but on the other hand if something goes wrong, it’s up to me to fix it. It’s a lot of responsibility and I’m definitely feeling that right now.

Last week I bought a bunch of yoga mats and I put a big order in for props – everything from bolsters to blocks to blankets. I’m really excited to be able to go pick them up and start using them for classes.

I do have some exciting events that I’m planning for the new year including the following:

  • Intro to yoga classes
  • Restorative classes
  • Yoga for bigger bodies
  • Yoga book club

If you’re local to Calgary and interested in getting on my email list to keep up with my events, you can sign up here. I’m intentionally keeping my classes on the smaller side so that I can provide a lot of attention and personalize the classes more for the people attending. My email list will get the first chance to sign up, so if you’re at all interested in my yoga class make sure you get yourself on my email list.

Auditing yoga teacher training

I’ve been auditing the yoga teacher training that I completed at Passage Studios in March. All graduates are welcome to come back and sit in and I’m so grateful that it’s an option for me. Going through it the first time I was all about absorbing as much information as I could – which is obviously a good thing. I was able to learn from three really amazing yoga teachers who have a lot of information and guidance to share.

But it feels different to be sitting in sessions now. I know a lot of the basics that are being shared, but I’m understanding the more subtle parts of teaching yoga that I just wasn’t able to get the first time around. I think it’s also being in the environment in a different context. Last time I was focused on understanding the information that I would be tested on. This time I don’t have to take any of the tests so I’m able to focus on the things that I didn’t get the first time I heard it.

Another thing that’s different is the group going through teacher training. The group I started with last September was pretty big – I think there were 22 or 24 of us. The group that started last month was only 12 or 14 people. That means that this group has a very different feel to it simply because it’s a smaller group. Both sizes have pros and cons, but right now I’m really appreciating being able to get to know the other people I’m doing the other people that I’m doing the training with.

And now for something that’s not yoga related….

Seeing and feeling the results of strength training regularly

Over the summer I started going to Group Power classes at my gym regularly. Up until then I was all about the cardio with the occasional strength workout thrown in there. My workouts were 90% cardio and yoga though.

I’ve been averaging 3 Group Power classes each week for the last few months though and I’m just now starting to see the fruit of my labor. I don’t know if I just wasn’t paying attention until lately or what, but I’m definitely seeing a difference in my arms (hello bicep, tricep, and shoulder muscles) and in my strength. I’m using heavier weights than I was back when I started.

It feels really good to be able to see that progress. Some mornings it can be tough to get together the motivation to head to the gym when it’s cold and dark out and my bed is so warm and comfortable. But knowing that my workouts are making a difference and I can see that difference makes it much easier to get myself to the gym.

What’s your favorite kind of yoga class to attend? Anything exciting happen to you this month?

Life Lately: October 2019