Good morning! Another weekend flew by in what feels like the blink of an eye. It was a busy weekend for me, but that also means that it was a productive one. Here’s a look at the highlights of my weekend.


I had plans to meet up with a friend for coffee, but because I still wasn’t feeling 100% when I woke up on Friday, I texted her and let her know that whatever sinus thing I had going on was better but not gone, and I would completely understand if she didn’t want to risk getting sick. It ended up that she thought she was starting to get sick too, so we ended up deciding to postpone coffee until we were both feeling healthy.


I spent most of my day on Saturday at a first aid, CPR, and AED re-certification course. Thankfully because it was a re-certification it was only one day in a classroom instead of two. The instructor made the course content as interesting as possible which I appreciated.

So just in case you needed the reminder to re-certify your first aid or even go for the first time, this is it! You can literally help to save a life if something happens.

I had to use CPR on a loved one not too long ago, and I’m so grateful that I have to take the course every year. If I hadn’t, it would have been a lot tougher to remember what I had to do. It’s hard to think straight in an emergency – and even more so when it’s someone that you love that’s injured or in a medical emergency.

By the time we went through everything, I finished writing the test and got my certificate, I was done an hour early. I wasn’t at all upset about that! On my way home I swung by the grocery store to pick up some ingredients to make some cupcakes for my boyfriend because it was his birthday.

I used rainbow bit batter with milk chocolate frosting on top. They turned out pretty tasty – I would definitely go with that combination of flavors again.


In the morning I attended yoga teacher training at Passage. Since I completed my teacher training in March I’m able to come back and audit the training when I want.

We talked about different breathing techniques to use during yoga and then started talking just a bit about the different paths of yoga before it was time to break for lunch. As usual I learned lots. It’s so interesting that I’m sure the instructors are covering the same material, but I hear and learn such different things this time around compared to the first time I heard it.

I ended up leaving at lunch time so that I could celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday with him. He was craving a Cuban sandwich, so we decided to go to Pin Bar where they have one on the menu that he really likes.

I went with the pastrami hash, which was a fried egg and pastrami on top of a small mountain of tater tots. I was pretty hungry so it looked really good when it arrived at the table, but it filled me up pretty quick. I ended up packing up about half the tater tots to bring home because I couldn’t finish it all. It definitely wasn’t the healthiest meal, but it sure did taste good!

On the walk back to my boyfriend’s place we came across this sign on the sidewalk. I thought it was pretty cute that they were marketing doggie daycare as a “canine social club”. Whoever does their marketing is creative!

After lunch I hang out for awhile with my boyfriend and his Bulldog, Winston. For some reason Winston was more excited that usual to see me. I don’t know what it was that got him so riled up – he sees me all the time, it’s not like I’m a brand new person to him.

We took Winston for a walk around the neighborhood before I left. He got lots of attention and pets and even got told that he was a beautiful dog by a stranger. It’s a good thing that he doesn’t understand compliments because he would have a huge ego otherwise.

Now that you know the highlights of my weekend, what was a highlight of yours? Share below in the comments.

Weekend Highlights: First Aid + Birthdays + Yoga Teacher Training