Another long weekend is over and I’m back to work this week. It was Thanksgiving on Sunday so Monday was a stat holiday. More on our Thanksgiving later on in this post. Before I get to it though, here are some other highlights of my weekend.

I took a Group Fitness class at the gym on Friday morning. It felt good to get sweaty and work hard. It was the last class of that release as the October 2019 release would be debuted on Sunday.

When I got home after class I showered and got dressed. I’ve been loving these plaid button down shirts lately. I feel like I’ve been feeling colder this fall than previous ones, so I’m all about the layers right now to stay warm.

This blue and red plaid is from Old Navy from a few years ago, but I found similar ones here, here, and here (all are affiliate links). There’s just something about a button down plaid shirt that’s so comfy during the cooler fall months.

We’re having a federal election here in Canada on October 21, though advance voting was this past weekend. I took advantage of it on Friday morning.

It was actually pretty busy inside, but I managed to get in and out in about 10 minutes. I’m glad that I was able to get it done early too, as I’m expecting it to be busier on election day. If you’re also able to vote in the federal election, make sure that your voice is heard and get out there to vote!

My dad ended up getting me a bag of these. Lindt truffles (affiliate link) are my absolutely favorite kind of chocolates. I’ve already had a few of them and I don’t think that the bag will last a week. It’s so hard to eat just one at a time!

I spent Saturday morning making some homemade sweet potato treats for my boyfriend’s Bulldog. I simply sliced a few sweet potatoes, put them in the dehydrator, and rotated them every hour or so to make sure that they were getting dried out evenly.

The smaller pieces only took about 4 hours, while the bigger, thicker ones too about 6. Considering that 3 sweet potatoes were only $3 at the grocery store and a big bag of them already made into treats were $20, it’s definitely an easy treat to make for Winston at home when they’re so expensive already made.

I headed out to my boyfriend’s place once they were done. There’s still a bit of leftover snow left in the cooler shady spots, so I opted to wear my Bean Boots (affiliate link). I know that we would be taking Winston for a walk so we’d be outside for awhile and once my feet get cold, the rest of me gets cold too. I figured I would keep the cold away and stay toasty warm instead with my boots.

Winston was in a stick mood on this walk. He ended up finding three of them along the way, and chewed on this one until it was in little pieces. The last one he tried to grab a hold of was more like a branch than a stick and was almost as big as him.

Once we dropped Winston off at my boyfriend’s condo we went out for dinner. We weren’t sure what we wanted, so we just started walking and ended up at The Beltliner. They have a big bulletin board right when you walk in and we noticed their house rules were posted. I wonder what they have against cords.

My boyfriend ordered the bacon grilled cheese with a salad and I went with the chicken clubhouse with the vegetable soup. We both really liked our meals and I thought that my vegetable soup was extra tasty. I almost went with the salad, but I’m glad I decided on the soup in the end. I would definitely get it again.

We watched some Netflix once we got back after dinner. Usually Winston is too wound up when I’m there to nap much, but he managed to have two naps while I was there on Saturday. Granted, neither of them were very long, but maybe he’s finally starting to get used to me and my novelness is slowly starting to wear off. I figured I had to take a picture to prove that he was napping against my legs while I was there.

Sunday morning I headed over to my gym to try out the October 2019 release of Group Power. Since it was the release we had all 4 teachers who do it teaching the class. They all did two or three songs, and I have to admit it was pretty fun to have all of them during one class.

I ended up having to modify a few things (I avoid push ups because they’re hard on my wrists), but overall I really liked the new release. It’ll probably take me a few times through to really get the hang of it, but that’s pretty normal for me.

Monday morning I had plans with my dad and brother to celebrate Thanksgiving. Instead of doing the traditional Thanksgiving meal, we decided to do a Thanksgiving brunch out instead.

Similar shirts here and here (affiliate links) and a similar bag here (affiliate link). I wasn’t joking when I said I was all about the flannel shirts right now!

We tried a few places and they were all closed for the holiday Monday. We finally found somewhere that was open. As soon as I saw that they had waffles on the menu I knew that I wanted one.

I went with a waffle topped with strawberries and whipped cream and a side of bacon. It was so good – I definitely hit the spot. While we missed out on the turkey this year, it was really nice to not have a big meal to make and then clean up after.

What was the highlight of your weekend? Share about it in the comments below.

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Thanksgiving Weekend Highlights