Today I’m recapping my workouts and meals from the past week.

It’s Saturday so that means that I’m sharing the last week’s worth of workouts and meals here on Get Fit Fiona. To be honest it was kind of an off week in terms of workouts. More on that below, but once the week started off weird it just stayed that way.



Rest day because a big snowstorm blew into the city and there was no way that I was going to brave the cold and slippery roads to go to the gym.


I slept terribly the night before, so when my alarm went off at 5:15 am I just turned it off and went back to bed. All I could think about was that I needed more sleep because it felt like I had just fallen asleep. Sometimes you just have to pick sleep over a workout.


I ended up doing two yoga practices this week, and Tuesday was my first one. I decided to do it at home and just really focus in on my shoulders. They’d been feeling tight on Monday because I had spent so much time at my desk. I figured I should show them some love, so that’s exactly what I did.


I finally made it to the gym on Wednesday morning! It had been a few days since I had last done a cardio workout, so I knew that that’s what I wanted to do. 30 minutes of steady state cardio on the elliptical later and I was tired and sweaty.

I finished off my workout by spending 5 minutes cooling down on the track. It felt so good to be back at it after a few days away from the gym.


My first strength workout of the week took place on Thursday morning when I took part in a Group Power class. It was a great class up until the very last track that we used the bar. There were a ton of clean and overhead presses. I knew I was tired and that there were a ton of reps so I put less weight on the bar than I usually would have.

Unfortunately later that night my shoulder started to feel a bit wonky, which I’m sure was from those cleans at the very end of the workout. I actually skipped a few of them, but I clearly should have skipped more of them or even opted out of entire sets because clearly my form was off if they cause my shoulder to hurt.

So not only so I have a sore shoulder but I totally should have known better. I always advocate that people stop when they’re tired instead of pushing through with a workout with compromised form. I should have taken my own advice.

Thursday night I went to a yin and restore class that I really enjoy with a teacher that I really like. It felt so good to be back. I think the last time I took her class was before the summer.

There’s just something that feels so good about taking some time for myself, getting on my mat, and not thinking about anything that I have going on outside of the studio doors.


I was planning on taking another Group Power class Friday morning, but I decided to skip it – it just wasn’t worth potentially making my shoulder worse and I thought that it would be better to give it a bit of a rest instead.


I audited yoga teacher training where I did my training last year. While most of my time there was spent learning about anatomy of the lower leg and foot, we also did two practices. The first one in the morning was more of a slow paced centering one – it was the perfect way to start off the day.

Then in the afternoon we did a flow practice focused mainly on the lower body. The instructor was had on Saturday was great at cuing all the muscles we had just learned about so that we could really visualize how they worked in the different asanas.


My meals weren’t very exciting this week, but they got the job done.

Most mornings I went with a protein smoothie. I blended vanilla protein powder (affiliate link), frozen blueberries, plain Greek yogurt, and a splash of water together. It’s easy, is super fast to make, and tastes good. You can’t go wrong with that.

I made a couple chicken parmesan type things this week. I had some chicken breasts in the freezer that I wanted to use, so I sauteed them, put some marina sauce on them, added mozzarella cheese, on top, and then popped them into the oven to melt the cheese. They turned out so good and was a nice change from my usual shredded chicken.

I also tried out these veggie chick’n burgers this week. Like I mentioned in this post, they turned out to be pretty good – definitely something that I would buy again.

I ordered Thai takeout one day this week. I went with chicken and spinach in peanut sauce with some brown rice. It honestly wasn’t my favorite, but it was a meal that I didn’t have to make.

Since I had leftover marinara sauce from the day before, I decided to add it to some shredded chicken which I heated up and then topped with some shredded parmesan cheese. I paired it with a salad and it turned out to be a pretty good dinner.

I bought this package of havarti cheese and it was so good! I seriously can’t stop eating it. I’m pretty sure that it’ll be gone by the end of the weekend. It’s just so good!

I had a few protein shakes for my evening meals this week on days where I hadn’t quite met my protein goals. It’s easy to just shake up some protein powder and water together to get that extra boost of protein at the end of the day.

What was your favorite workout this week? Favorite meal?

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